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St. Thomas FC Launches Futsal Collection

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St. Thomas FC Launches Futsal Collection

Up and coming soccer brand St. Thomas FC has launched a range of Futsal balls for those who prefer the small-sided and indoor game. This is a World Exclusive look at the Size 4 and Size 3 versions of the new balls.

Aside from the reduced sizes, the St. Thomas FC Futsal balls are of greater weight and less bounce than normal mini and skills balls. Of course this is by design given the nature of futsal as a game where keeping the ball on the ground (hard surfaces such as wood) is a necessity. Brazilian stars such as Robinho and Ronaldlinho have attributed much of their success to the footwork that they developed playing with futsal balls.

In vibrant yellow, the St. Thomas FC futsal balls feature the firm’s trademark black ball graphics along with their logo. One nice touch is the use of the text “FUTSAL” on the balls to indicate their purposes.

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