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Review: EA SPORTS FC 24

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Review: EA SPORTS FC 24

EA SPORTS FC 24 is the first game in the long-running soccer series to drop the FIFA license and go solo. Does this mean a radical overhaul of the gameplay, graphics, and modes? Or is it more of the same with a different coat of paint? We’ve been playing EA SPORTS FC 24 on the Sony PlayStation 5 since its release. Read on to find out what we found in our World Exclusive review of the game.

Review: EA SPORTS FC 24

Key Updates

The biggest change in EA SPORTS FC 24 is the introduction of HyperMotion V technology, which uses volumetric data captured from real players to create more realistic animations, physics, and AI. This is supposed to make the game feel more authentic and immersive, especially on next-gen consoles like the PS5.

Another key update is the Evolution system, which allows players to customize their attributes and skills based on their performance and preferences. You can choose from different PlayStyles, such as Finisher, Creator, or Enforcer, and unlock new abilities and perks as you progress. This adds some depth and variety to the career modes, as well as the online modes like Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team.

Speaking of online modes, EA SPORTS FC 24 also introduces cross-play for several game modes including Pro Clubs and VOLTA, which lets you team up with friends across different platforms. This is a welcome feature that makes it easier to find matches and play with your buddies. Ultimate Team also gets some new additions, such as women players, new icons, and new challenges.

Graphics and Presentation

EA SPORTS FC 24 looks stunning on the PS5, thanks to the Frostbite engine and HyperMotion V technology. The player models are detailed and lifelike, with realistic facial expressions and movements. The stadiums are also impressive, with dynamic lighting, shadows, and weather effects. The pitch also shows signs of wear and tear as the match goes on, adding to the realism.

The presentation is also top-notch, with new overlays, statistics, and interviews that make the game feel like a live broadcast. The DualSense controller also enhances the experience, with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that respond to the game events. For example, you can feel the ball hitting the post or the crowd cheering when you score a goal.


EA SPORTS FC 24 features a diverse and eclectic soundtrack that suits the global nature of soccer. The game includes songs from established artists like The Rolling Stones, Jack Harlow, Stormzy, and KAROL G along with a slew of artists from round the world for 106 songs worth of soccer jams. The soundtrack also reflects the mood and atmosphere of different modes and menus, creating a dynamic audio experience.

Teams and Leagues

Despite opting out of the FIFA license, EA SPORTS FC 24 still includes most of the teams and leagues that fans expect from a world class soccer game. The game features over 700 clubs and 100 stadia from 30 countries, including all the major soccer leagues of the world like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and MLS. The game also has some exclusive licenses continental tournament licenses for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores.

EA SPORTS FC 24 also features national teams from around the world, including all of the top men’s and women’s teams. You can play as your favorite country in various tournaments and modes, such as World Cup and UEFA EURO qualifiers, International Friendlies, and custom-designed tournaments of your liking.


EA SPORTS FC 24 features the new commentary team of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson for English language. They provide insightful and engaging commentary that adapts to the game situation and player actions. They also have some banter and humor that adds some personality to their commentary. Guy Mowbray, known for his work on Match of the Day, and Sue Smith join the mix for the first time in the latest iteration of the game.

The game also features commentary in other languages from around the world. Those in the game are region specific. Our North American version of EA SPORTS FC 24 included English, Spanish and French.


On the pitch is where EA SPORTS FC 24 truly takes flight. The refined gameplay mechanics create an experience that finally bridges the gap between simulation and accessibility.

Passing feels crisp and responsive thanks to new ball physics that mimic real world trajectories. Whether playing simple short passes or more ambitious through balls, you can pick out teammates accurately. The power and precision of passing now matches your inputs, enabling you to control the tempo of attacks.

Shooting similarly benefits from the overhauled ball physics. Long shots bend and dip at just the right moments, while placing finishes past the keeper relies solely on your aim. The shooting animations also lend a satisfying visual flair to thunderous strikes.

Midfield battles are also transformed. There is now a palpable difference between lumbering defenders and nimble playmakers thanks to the reworked dribbling system. Chaining skill moves together fluidly amplifies the feeling of maneuvering past challenges. Physical battles carry real consequence too – a well-timed shoulder barge or crunch tackle catching an opponent off guard.

Set pieces gain dramatic improvements as well. An entirely new free kick trajectory system with adjustable positioning, run up angles and target reticules hands you unmatched control. The ability to add curl, backspin or sidespin using the right stick makes dead balls a creative outlet. Meanwhile, corner and penalty animations better reflect different shooting styles and situations.

On defense, the shift towards manual inputs is also apparent. Rather than feeling stuck in recurring animation cycles, you can time tackles and track runs more responsively. Teammate containment AI means you rely less on computer assistance too. This places greater onus on reading danger, selecting the correct player, and using their attributes wisely – vastly increasing the skill gap.

Despite all these gameplay enhancements, EA SPORTS FC 24 retains accessibility for casual players. Automated crosses, shot blocking, and pass targeting prevent beginners from becoming overwhelmed. You can also tune the difficulty slider to handle the AI as your prowess develops. Ultimately, the balance between depth and enjoyment hits the sweet spot.

With more responsive controls comes increased speed. Lightning-fast counters, last ditch blocks and thunderous strikes capture the end-to-end excitement. However, the refined gameplay remains true to life – unlike some of EA SPORTS FC 24’s arcade-like competitors. This masterful balance cements the game as best-in-class soccer simulation.

Replay Value

EA SPORTS FC 24 has at least a yearreplay value, thanks to its various modes and features that cater to different types of players. Whether you want to play solo or with friends, offline or online, casually or competitively, the game has something for you.

The game features several career modes that let you create your own player or manager and lead them to glory. You can choose from different leagues and teams and experience a realistic and immersive career mode that includes transfers, contracts, injuries, media, etc. You can also use the Evolution system to customize your player or manager and improve their skills and abilities.

EA SPORTS FC 24 also features online modes that let you play with or against other players from around the world. You can join Pro Clubs and create your own club or join an existing one and play in various divisions and tournaments. You can also play Ultimate Team and build your own dream team from scratch or use existing players and icons. You can compete in various modes and challenges and earn rewards and coins that you can use to upgrade your team.

The game also features other modes such as VOLTA Football, which is a street soccer mode that lets you play in various locations and styles. You can also play Kick Off, which is a classic mode that lets you play a quick match with any team or mode. You can also play Skill Games, which are mini-games that test your skills and abilities.

Final Thoughts

EA SPORTS FC 24 is an excellent soccer game that offers a lot of fun and excitement for soccer fans. The game looks amazing on the PS5 and plays smoothly and realistically. It has a lot of content and variety that will keep you entertained for hours. The game also has some new features and improvements that make it better than previous games in the series.

However, the game is not perfect and has some flaws and drawbacks that may disappoint some players. The game still suffers from some minor AI issues and glitches that can ruin the immersion and enjoyment.

Overall, EA SPORTS FC 24 is an excellent start for a new era of soccer games from Electronic Arts. It is not a revolutionary game that changes everything and it does not need to be. It is a solid game that does most things right. It is a game that we unequivocally recommend to anyone who loves soccer video games.

Gameplay: 9.9 /10

Graphics: 9.9 /10

User Interface: 9.7 / 10

Realism: 10 / 10

Longevity: 10 / 10

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