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Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir Soccer Boot

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Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir Soccer Boot

Umbro recently released the latest iteration in their long-running Velocita speed boot series in the form of the Velocita Elixir Pro. The boots are the first to feature a next-generation ProWeave upper. Needless to say, they have perked out interest and we’ve had to try them out on the soccer pitch. Here is our World Exclusive the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro! 


Before we start our review, here is a brief description of the Velocita Elixir Pro from Umbro: 

Umbro continues its partnership with ProWeave, a unique weaving method from Texon that gives Velocita Elixir boots increased levels of elasticity and stability in a single layer upper made from 50% recycled polyester yarns. The Velocita Elixir has a lower impact on the planet and a higher impact on the pitch. 

A single layer, woven upper seamlessly connects elasticity, stability, and abrasion to create targeted zones for added support and flexibility. This ensures the boots work even more with the natural movement of your feet so you all you need to worry about is utilizing your skill and pace to beat your opponent. A subtle use of contrast colors woven into the upper also helps to visualize this innovation. 

Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir 2023 2024 Soccer Cleats, Football Boot

Woven support spars run throughout the upper added stability whilst raised TPU yarns provide full surface grip. 

Silver yarns give the boot new thermo-regulatory properties and an anatomically contoured and low-profile Speed Insock give enhanced feel so you can play in comfort for 90 minutes and beyond. 

On the bottom of the boot, a Pebax Powered® Sprint+ outsole brings multidirectional agility, while the stud geometry distributes pressure evenly for strong traction and a comfortable change of pace and direction. It’s the boot that lets players make magic on the pitch and lets them control the twists and turns of time itself. 

Now here’s the Football Fashion review of the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro soccer boot from a former NCAA Division 1 player currently plying his trade in one of our local leagues.  

Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir 2023 2024 Soccer Cleats, Football Boot

The Test 

We’ve had some much-needed rain in my area over the past couple of weeks. As a result, I was able to test the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro boots on some local fields that were in a somewhat watered state. However, with winter approaching and a busy Fall soccer schedule nearing completion, they were in a very used state and far from pristine. My test consisted of the following: 

  • One break-in session in which I ran some dribbling, turning and shooting drills and practiced skills moves 
  • Two pick-up games featuring several former NCAA Division 1 and 2 players 
  • One Sunday league match. 


I tested a pair of White / Deep Surf / Vermillion Orange Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro soccer boots pictured below. While they did catch my eye when they were first launched, I didn’t realize how good they really look until I saw them in real life. I’ve yet to see a picture or video on the internet that truly captures the aesthetics of this boot. My favorite feature of it is the pinstripes and oversized Umbro diamond on the upper. Throw in the Deep Surf blue in the lacing and collar areas and a soleplate that pops because of its Vermillion Orange paintjob and you’ve got a work of soccer art! 

Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir 2023 2024 Soccer Cleats, Football Boot



I usually wear US size 10 shoes but got size 9.5 Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro boots because of my preference for snug-fitting game footwear. 

While I have heard differing opinions about these boots, I found that they run true to size and provided an excellent snug fit from the first time I tried them on. I did find that there was about a quarter inch of extra toe room towards the front of the boot if I did not have my game socks on. However, I welcomed the extra space as I usually wear two pairs of socks per foot when playing. 

The light weight of the Velocita Elixir Pro cleats is instantly noticeable upon slipping them on. At the time of their launch, these boots were among the lightest around. Had I not been using the PUMA ULTRA Ultimate since August; I would have been blown away by the weight of the Velocita Elixir Pro. Nevertheless, with only 0.5 oz. of weight difference between the two according to my scale, the difference in heaviness feels negligible to my average sized feet. 


Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir 2023 2024 Soccer Cleats, Football Boot

In-Game Performance 

Perhaps due to my experience playing in the PUMA ULTRA Ultimate, I felt immediately comfortable and ready to catch a pick-up game upon slipping on the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro. Needless to say, I found breaking-in these boots to be quite easy and faster than for most of the other boots that I’ve tested this year. From a beginning warm-up run to shots off a rebounder to dribbling practice, the Velocita Elixir took little time to get used to. However, had I not been used to the reduced padding of the PUMA ULTRA Ultimate, I suspect that I would have needed more time to get used to shooting with the Velocita Elixir Pro. 


I like to say “Touch maketh a football boot” and the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro stands out when it comes to touch. Without knowing the inner workings of the boot, I am left to deduce that this is because of its ProWeave upper. Whatever the mechanics, they allow the wearer to feel a level of intimacy with the ball that I’ve hardly seen before. You almost feel like you’re barefooted but with cleats on the soles of your feet. The end result is that the ball reacts just as you intend it to for passing, shooting and trapping. The best way I can describe the touch of the Velocita Elixir Pro is like that of a light padded boot (think the latest Umbro Tocco 3 Pro) but without the padding yet without the benefit of the padding lost. 

From easily trapping low balls with the inner or outer foot, cushioning high balls with the front top of the boot and executing powerful and accurate shots and crosses, I found the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro to work impressively. I attribute this to the way it allows you to feel the ball upon striking or trapping it i.e., its excellent touch. 

Review: Umbro Velocita Elixir 2023 2024 Soccer Cleats, Football Boot

Dribbling and Skills Move 

Are you able to pull off skill moves in practice but can’t replicate them in a game? The Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro might change that. I’m not saying it’s going to make you like Lionel Messi but its light weight might just give you what you need to surprise a few naysayers. 

I’ve never been much of a fancy footwork type given that my natural position is right back. However, I did find myself surprisingly being able to execute the likes of rapid stepovers and pullbacks much easier than with just about any shoe other than the PUMA ULTRA Ultimate. I believe that this is because of the light weight of the Velocita Elixir Pro. Less weight means less to move and therefore more ease and quickness in trying a skill move. 

As you might imagine, dribbling with the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro is a pleasure. If you’re fit and of fair footspeed, the fact that these boots weigh less than your average 7 to 10 oz. soccer cleats should add to your dribbling and off the ball running speed. 

Shooting with the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro is all a function of its excellent touch. This is particularly so for the ever-effective low “placement before power” type shots that are the deadliest weapons in the arsenals of soccer’s top goal scorers in leagues around the world. Given that shots of this nature are essentially well-placed passes into the goal meant to leave a goalie stretching in futility, touch is vital to their success. With the feel of the ball provided by the Velocita Elixir Pro, I found it much easier to deliver low, inside of the foot shots to my intended targets even while under pressure from defenders. 

The Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro offers great stability that perfectly complements its lightweight. Wearing them feels like wearing a lightweight stability running shoe rather than a pair of cleats. While I don’t know what’s behind the shoe’s stability, I would guess that it is a result of its stud configuration and heel counter / soleplate combination.  

Upon taking the Velocita Elixir Proes onto our area’s overused and under-maintained fields, I found them to perform very well for passing, trapping and shooting the ball while stationary and moving. Despite being a lightweight shoe, I never felt off balance or like my ankle would turn at any point. 

When Not the Wear 

As a lightweight boot, the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro offers minimal protection. It is a shoe built for speed and attacking football and is not a defender’s shoe. Therefore, I do not recommend it for center backs, hard-tackling fullbacks or defensive midfielders. If you’re going to dish out or receive a beating or both during a game, wear something that will protect your feet from the inevitable stomps and blows that they will take. 


I’ve logged about six and a half hours of practice and game time in the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro soccer boots thus far. As is the case with any soccer shoe after use, they show some signs of wear such as dirt on the upper and minor scratches on the soleplate. However, they are still structurally sound and show no signs of ripping or any other quality issues. I think that they should be good for at least three games a week for the next year or so. 


As with the legendary Speciali series, Umbro has a game-changer with the Umbro Velocita Elixir Pro. From my experience, it is one of the best boots available for attacking footballers on the market today. If you are a skillful striker, attacking midfielder or even a wingback, this could be the shoe for you to blaze by defenders with. 

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