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Review: PUMA Magnify NITRO 2

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Review: PUMA Magnify NITRO 2

When it comes to running shoes, comfort and performance are often at odds – you either get a plush, cushioned ride or a more responsive, nimble feel underfoot. However, with the PUMA Magnify NITRO 2, the brand has seemingly found a way to bridge that gap, delivering a max-cushioned trainer that maintains an energetic, lively sensation. Packed with PUMA’s proprietary NITROFOAM technology and engineered for breathability and support, the Magnify NITRO 2 aims to be the ultimate companion for your long-distance training. After putting this shoe through its paces, we can confidently say that PUMA has succeeded in creating a high-performance daily trainer that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing speed or agility. 


At its core, the PUMA Magnify NITRO 2 is a max-cushioned neutral running shoe designed for the high-mileage runner. It features PUMA’s advanced NITROFOAM midsole, which is infused with nitrogen to provide exceptional responsiveness and plush cushioning. This nitrogen-injected foam sits atop a durable PUMAGRIP rubber outsole, engineered for all-surface traction and reinforced with strategic rubber placements in the heel for added durability. 

With a low-profile, bootie-style construction, the Magnify NITRO 2 is built for a smooth, distraction-free ride. Weighing in at 10.2 oz for a men’s size 9, it’s a fairly lightweight max-cushioned shoe, especially considering its generous 32mm heel and 22mm forefoot stack heights (resulting in a 10mm heel-toe drop). 


The design of the Magnify NITRO 2 is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The upper features a simple, yet effective engineered mesh that provides excellent breathability and comfort. PUMA has reinforced this mesh with their PWRTAPE technology, adding support and structure where it’s needed most without compromising the shoe’s overall flexibility. 

One particularly noteworthy design element is the molded heel collar, which wraps snugly around the ankle to create a secure, comfortable fit. This feature helps to lock the heel in place, preventing any unwanted slippage during your runs. 

Visually, the Magnify NITRO 2 has a sleek, modern look. The midsole prominently displays the NITROFOAM branding, while the rubber outsole features a distinct geometric pattern that adds a touch of style. Overall, it’s a shoe that blends high-performance features with a streamlined, understated aesthetic.



When it comes to fit, the Magnify NITRO 2 is a true winner. The engineered mesh upper conforms to the foot beautifully, providing a secure, sock-like feel without any hot spots or pressure points. The molded heel collar does an excellent job of locking the heel in place, preventing any unwanted slippage during your runs. 

In terms of sizing, the Magnify NITRO 2 runs true to size. Our team found the fit to be comfortable and accommodating for a wide range of foot shapes and widths. The ample toe box allows your toes to splay naturally, while the midfoot and heel areas provide a snug, supportive fit. 

The PUMA Magnify NITRO 2 feels like a natural extension of the foot once on thanks to the way the upper conforms to the contours of the foot. This seamless, unencumbered fit helps to enhance the overall comfort and performance of the Magnify NITRO 2. 


The star of the show with the Magnify NITRO 2 is undoubtedly the NITROFOAM midsole. This nitrogen-infused foam delivers an incredibly plush, responsive, and well-cushioned ride that is sure to delight high-mileage runners. 

Whether you’re tackling long training runs or recovery jaunts, the Magnify NITRO 2 provides a supremely comfortable experience underfoot. The midsole feels almost bouncy, with a noticeable spring that propels you forward with each stride. However, it’s not overly soft or squishy, maintaining a nice balance of cushioning and stability. 

We thought that the Magnify NITRO 2 feels remarkably lively and energetic, especially for a max-cushioned shoe. It has a very springy, energy-returning feel that made us want to run faster while training in it. This responsive, energetic ride can be attributed to the nitrogen-infusion, which optimizes the foam’s capacity to store and release energy efficiently. 

It’s worth noting that the Magnify NITRO 2 also provides a smooth, stable platform underfoot, thanks to the broad, stable midsole shape. This combination of plush cushioning and steadfast support makes the shoe a reliable option for both easy recovery runs and speed workouts alike. 


One of the standout features of the Magnify NITRO 2 is its excellent ventilation. The engineered mesh upper allows for ample airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry even on the hottest and most humid runs. 

The breathable upper, combined with the shoe’s low-profile design, creates a refreshing, breezy sensation as you rack up the miles. Reviewers reported that their feet stayed comfortable and sweat-free, even during extended training sessions. 

This superior ventilation is a significant advantage, especially for runners who live in warm or humid climates. The ability to keep your feet cool and dry can go a long way in preventing blisters, hot spots, and general discomfort on long runs. 

In the Gym 

While the Magnify NITRO 2 is primarily designed for running, it can also hold its own in the gym. The PUMAGRIP rubber outsole provides excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, making it suitable for cross-training activities like weightlifting, HIIT workouts, and even light plyometrics. 

The shoe’s stable, well-cushioned midsole also lends itself well to strength training exercises, providing a solid, responsive platform underfoot. And the lightweight, flexible construction allows for easy movement and transition between exercises. 

The PUMA Magnify NITRO 2 felt secure and stable during lateral movements and weight-bearing exercises, with no excessive wobbling or instability. This versatility makes the shoe a great option for runners who like to incorporate cross-training into their routine, as they can rely on a single pair of shoes for both their running and gym workouts. 

Bottom Line 

The PUMA Magnify NITRO 2 is a fantastic choice for runners seeking a comfortable, high-performance shoe for their long-distance training. The nitrogen-infused NITROFOAM midsole delivers an incredibly plush, responsive ride that will keep your feet feeling fresh, even after logging big mileage. 

The shoe’s breathable, well-fitting upper and durable outsole make it a versatile option that can handle a variety of running surfaces and conditions. And its lightweight, flexible construction allows it to excel not only on the road but also in the gym, making it a great choice for the multi-disciplinary athlete. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a recreational runner looking to up your mileage, the Magnify NITRO 2 is a reliable, high-quality shoe that will provide the comfort and support you need to reach your goals. Highly recommended for those seeking a max-cushioned daily trainer that combines performance and style. 

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