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Review: Reebok Nano X4 Training Shoe

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Review: Reebok Nano X4 Training Shoe

The new Reebok Nano X4 training shoe builds on the strong legacy of the Nano series as one of the premier cross-training shoes on the market. Reebok has made some key updates to the Nano X4 model, improving breathability, stability, comfort and overall performance. We tested the Nano X4 extensively in the gym, on the track, and in everyday use over the past couple of weeks to provide an in-depth review of this impressive new training shoe. Read on for details on the specs, design, fit, functionality and performance of the versatile Reebok Nano X4.


The Nano X4 comes loaded with innovative new features and technologies:

FLEXWEAVE Knit Upper: The all-new FLEXWEAVE upper provides a softer, more lightweight feel while remaining highly durable. The knit material looks and feels premium.

Midfoot Ventilation Panel: Strategically placed mesh on the midfoot offers maximum breathability for cooling airflow during intense workouts. This keeps feet dryer and cooler.

Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System: The redesigned midsole optimizes stability for lifting while providing cushioning for runs and jumps. The dual-purpose midsole performs during all training activities.

TPU Heel Clip: The heel clip was redesigned to improve stability and comfort in the heel, locking it in securely during lateral moves.

Drop and Weight: With a heel-to-toe drop of 7mm and a weight of 12.1 oz, the Nano X4 is extremely lightweight while retaining stabilizing support.


The Reebok Nano X4 features an updated design focused on improving breathability and reducing weight while maintaining stability. Removing unnecessary material in the upper and incorporating new footwear technology makes the Nano X4 the most breathable and lightweight Nano yet.

New for 2024, the Nano X4 debuts an all-new FLEXWEAVE upper material with a Midfoot Ventilation Panel for optimal breathability during sweat-inducing workouts. The ultra-light feel helps athletes focus on their training rather than discomfort or fatigue from a heavy shoe. The FLEXWEAVE upper is durable and provides a premium look and feel.


We found the fit of the Reebok Nano X4 to be true-to-size with a comfortable yet secure feel right after lacing them up. The wide tongue and padded collar lock the foot in place without any pressure points or rubbing. The upper material is flexible with minimal break-in time needed. There are no “hot spots” that irritate the foot during exercise. The Nano X4 provides a great balance of comfort and performance-focused support.


The Reebok Nano X4 is extremely comfortable for any and all gym session and short runs on treadmills, tracks, asphalt, and concrete. The Floatride Energy Foam used in the redesigned midsole makes the ride highly cushioned and responsive. We took the Nano X4 out for 1-2 mile runs at slow to moderate tempos and found the cushioning helped reduce fatigue and joint impact.

The shoe is also impressively lightweight and breathable thanks to the Flexweave upper and mesh ventilation panel. The result is a smooth, well-cushioned ride that keeps feet cool even during intense training. The Nano X4 strikes the perfect balance between softness and stability.


Ventilation is noticeably improved in the Nano X4 compared to previous versions. The Flexweave upper material is highly breathable and the mesh panel integrated into it provides targeted airflow where feet tend to overheat the most. Even after high-intensity plyometrics and weight sessions, our feet stayed cooler and drier than in any training shoes.

The Nano X4 is the most effectively ventilated Nano yet, preventing sweaty discomfort and allowing athletes to maintain focus on their training versus overheating feet. Reebok got the ventilation right with this shoe!

In the Gym

Like its predecessors, the Reebok Nano X4 maintains the reputation of being one of the best training shoes for gym workouts. The stability and support allow you to lift heavy and perform multi-directional movements with total control. The comfort rivals that of running shoes thanks to the updated midsole cushioning.

The X4 provides a locked-in feel for upper body lifts using bars, dumbbells and machines. The shoe really excels for lower body exercises like squats, deadlifts and lunges where its minimal heel-to-toe drop and foot-to-ground energy transfer allow you to maximize power output.

For functional fitness training requiring quick footwork and explosiveness, the Nano X4 is up to the task. The construction gives you excellent contact with turf for sprints and helps propel your box jumps to new heights. The shoe also works great for rowing machine cardio where you need traction and rigidity for optimal drive.


After extensive testing, the Nano X4 has proven to be extremely durable and shows minimal signs of wear. The Flexweave upper maintains its structure and has no creasing while the high abrasion rubber outsole doesn’t have any visible scuffing or tread wear. The white portions of the upper did pick up some dirt along the way however. Such is life with light colored shoes if you used them regularly. They do clean up easily with soap and water however.

We anticipate the Nano X4 will easily last through daily gym sessions until the release of the Nano X5. Between the grippy outsole and supportive upper material, this is a shoe built for longevity under tough training conditions. Reebok focused on improving performance but did not sacrifice the renowned durability of the Nano series with this new model.

Bottom Line

The Reebok Nano X4 upholds the impressive legacy of its predecessors and represents an exciting evolution of the franchise. The upgrades to breathability, comfort and stability make the X4 the most versatile and well-rounded Nano yet. It’s a top training shoe choice for 2024 that can handle just about any gym workout you throw at it.

At an MSRP of $140, the Nano X4 costs $10 less than last year’s model while providing better performance and technology. Even with inflation, Reebok managed to make this shoe more affordable. For cross-training enthusiasts, the Nano X4 will likely be the only shoe you need this year. It earns top marks across the board and continues the Nano’s reign as a premier training shoe.

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