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A First Look at Reebok’s Fall / Winter 2014 Training Range

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A First Look at Reebok’s Fall / Winter 2014 Training Range

A favorite among athletes across all sports, Reebok has launched its Fall / Winter 2014 training collection. We’ve got a World Exclusive early look at select items from the range via essentials for any serious athlete – training shorts.

Must-haves for the gym, running for match fitness and training matches are the Reebok Men’s ONE PW3R (a play on the word “Power”). Quite stylish courtesy of a board short look, the Reebok ONE PW3R shorts are so lightweight that you feel like you don’t even have them on. This is always welcome as one of the last things that you want to think of in the midst of any action are uncomfortable shorts.

Our favorite feature of these is its gusseted crotch area made of a high stretch material. This aids in the mobility provided by the ONE PW3R shorts and certainly takes the worry out of ripping your shorts in an unwanted area during any move that involves a good stretch.

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A contrasting exposed elastic waistband and fully functional fly, embossed graphics on one leg for style plus side pockets for storage complete a training masterpiece!

Given Reebok’s popularity with women, their Fall / Winter 2014 training range includes a host of shorts for female athletes. Among these are the black Spartan Running shorts, gray Reebok ONE Series Hot shorts, and Spartan Compression shorts shown. Our testers found each to be extremely comfortable, functional and, most importantly, providing a great deal of mobility.

Though of differing looks, all of the Reebok Fall / Winter 2014 shorts had one feature in common – excellent ventilation and sweat dissipation via PlayDry technology. Needless to say, this is critical regardless of the temperature. Reebok has seemingly mastered keeping your lower extremely dry as you strive for athletic excellence.

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