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Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO

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Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO

PUMA has launched a new collection of running shoes called ForeverRUN, which aims to provide stability and cushioning for every runner and every run. The flagship model of this line is the ForeverRUN NITRO, a shoe that features a unique combination of NITRO foam and RUNGUIDE system to encourage optimal running motion. Read on for our World Exclusive review of the PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO!


Before we delve into our thoughts on the ForeverRUN NITRO, here are the specifications on the innovative new show from PUMA.

The ForeverRUN NITRO dawns a new era of support and guidance for all runners, providing the softness of a full NITRO midsole without compromising stability. It features a newly developed NITRO midsole with two different densities – a softer core with a firmer rim – and an asymmetrical heel counter to hold the foot in place through every stride. The theme also continues on the outsole, thanks to a wider medial rubber segment stabilizing late-stage pronation. In short, it’s the perfect blend of support and cushion.

Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Running Shoe

Features & Benefits

NITRO: Advanced NITROgen-injected foam designed to provide superior responsiveness and cushioning in a lightweight package

PWRTAPE: Targeted upper reinforcement for support and durability

RUNGUIDE: Firm density guide rail designed to keep your foot aligned and centered through each stride

PUMAGRIP: Durable performance rubber compound designed for all-surface traction

  • Weight: 9.6 oz (274 g) for men’s size 9
  • Stack height: 36 mm (heel), 26 mm (forefoot)
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • Category: Stability trainer
  • Runner type: Frequent
  • Cushioning level: Max
  • Best for: Overpronators


The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO has a brilliant sleek and modern design that looks great on and off the road. The shoe comes in a number of different colorways  that cater to all preferences ranging from PUMA Black to Ultra Orange. The upper is made of engineered mesh that is breathable and flexible. The shoe also features PWRTAPE overlays that add support and durability to the upper. The midsole is composed of two different densities of NITRO foam: a softer core with a firmer rim. The outsole has a flared rubber segment that provides traction and stability on various surfaces.

Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Running Shoe


The ForeverRUN NITRO has an engineered mesh upper that is breathable and flexible, but also provides some structure and support. The shoe’s toe box is roomy enough to accommodate natural toe splay, but not too loose to cause slippage. The ForeverRUN NITRO’s midfoot is snug and secure thanks to the PWRTAPE overlays that wrap around the foot. Its heel has an asymmetrical counter that holds the foot in place and prevents excessive heel rotation. The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO runs true to size with a slightly wider fit throughout.


The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is an extremely comfortable shoe, especially in the heel area where the NITRO foam is softer and more responsive. The foam provides a plush and bouncy feel that absorbs shock and returns energy. The forefoot is slightly firmer and more stable, but still offers enough cushioning for longer runs. The ForeverRUN’s ultra-modern upper is soft and smooth against the skin, with no hot spots or irritation. The shoe’s tongue and collar are well padded and prevent any rubbing or chafing. A removable insole that adds some extra cushioning and arch support completes one of the most comfortable running shoes that we’ve ever tried on.

Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Running Shoe


The ForeverRUN NITRO is a stability shoe that provides guidance and support for overpronators or runners who need some extra help with their running form. The shoe has a RUNGUIDE system that consists of a firmer rim around the NITRO foam core and a wider medial rubber segment on the outsole. These elements work together to keep the foot aligned and centered through each stride, preventing excessive inward rolling or collapsing of the arch. A 10mm heel-to-toe drop that promotes a very smooth heel-to-toe transition. At the same time the impact of each stride is fully absorbed and energy returned to the feet for the next stride. The ForeverRUN NITRO feels light and agile on the feet, but also stable and secure on different surfaces, thanks to the PUMAGRIP rubber compound that provides traction and durability.


The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO has extremely good ventilation. The engineered mesh upper is very breathable and allows air to flow throughout the shoe while on the run. The mesh also dries quickly after getting wet with external moisture or sweat. The shoe does not feel hot or stuffy on warm days.

Review: PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Running Shoe


The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is a durable shoe that we think can readily last for a year of regular running. The NITRO foam is resistant to compression and maintains its shape and responsiveness over time. The outsole has a generous amount of rubber that covers most of the contact areas, protecting the foam from wear and tear. The upper is also well constructed and reinforced with PWRTAPE overlays that prevent any tearing or ripping. The shoe does not show any significant signs of wear or damage after several weeks of testing.


The ForeverRUN NITRO retails for $150, which is average nowadays for higher end running shoes. However, considering the quality, performance and durability of the shoe, we think it is worth the investment for runners who are looking for a stable and cushioned shoe that can handle any distance or pace. The shoe also has a sleek and stylish design that can be worn casually or for other activities besides running.


The PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is a new era of stability shoes that offers a unique combination of cushioning through NITRO foam and guidance through RUNGUIDE system. The ForeverRUN NITRO is a comfortable, responsive, stable and durable shoe that can suit any runner and any run. It is ideal for overpronators or runners who need some extra support with their running form, but also for neutral runners who want some extra cushioning and protection. It is a versatile shoe that can handle short jogs around the neighborhood to long runs on the weekend.

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