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Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers

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Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers

PUMA’s statement running shoe of 2018 is the Jamming. With a name that’s most likely inspired by the Caribbean roots of PUMA athlete and possibly the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt, the Jamming introduces a never-before seen look and technology to the world of running and training shoes. Here is our World Exclusive review of the shoe.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes


Here are the specifications of the Jamming from the team at PUMA.

Meet Jamming, PUMA’s newest top-of-the-line running shoe. With a form-fitting evoKNIT upper and a high-tech midsole comprised of free-floating NRGY beads, your feet won’t just look cool, they’ll feel good too.

  • evoKNIT upper provides form-fitting comfort
  • Free-floating NRGY beads made from high cushioning PU foam adjust to your foot as you run for adaptive support
  • Translucent TPU encases the multi-colored NRGY beads, providing a visually stunning outsole design
  • Rubber pods in the heel and toe provide ground contact traction without weighing you down
  • An internal 3D heel clip ensures optimal heel support

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes


PUMA’s designers have come good again with their brilliant design of the Jamming made up of its sock like evoKNIT upper and its NRGY bead filled outsole.

The Jamming comes in two colorways that are in line with today’s move away from bright colored running shoes to more restrained schemes. The pair we tested was in the classy Black / Forest Night combination. A Forest Night / Black setup is also available.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

The upper is detailed with a clever gradient effect that sees it transition from dark gray towards it top to back just above the outsole. The PUMA Formstripe on it is applied with raised rubber for a splendid yet subtle look. A similar effect is created with the lace hole enclosure system. Additional PUMA branding is included on the upper via very functional pull tabs and a small rubberized Cat logo beneath the lacing system. The pulls tabs have an eye-catching digital dotted look on them.

The likes of midsole of the PUMA Jamming has never been seen before. As you can see from our pictures it is see through and full of miniature beads in two colors with a semi-transparent sole below. The result sheer excellence in athletic shoe aesthetics in a way that it highlights the Jamming’s most differentiating feature in a way that makes it look stunning.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

Questions and compliments related to the Jamming from complete strangers at local running venues and the gym were the order of the day for our tester from his first time out in the kicks. The well-done design and assembly clearly get the attention of both athletes and non-athletes alike.


The fit of the PUMA Jamming is spot on sizewise. We recommend getting in your normal shoe size. However, that’s just the beginning when it comes to this all-important aspect of a training shoe! This is because of the evoKNIT upper of the Jamming.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

Getting your feet into the Jamming involves slipping them into the upper with the help of the shoe’s pull tabs. Once in your feet are held in place from at the ankle area by a ribbed section. There is also a barely noticeable heel counter for stability. The upper is comfortable, snug and has no hotspots. Our tester even tried wearing the shoe with no socks on and concluded that their only purpose would be for sweat absorption. However, given that the Jamming is formfitting athletic socks of normal or low thickness is recommended. Thicker socks get in the way of the contact between the feet and the upper and can feel overly tight and uncomfortable in this shoe.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

The sock system of the PUMA Jamming and several other of the sportswear firm’s running shoes is unique. We’ve seen them use to much success in soccer shoes (such as the PUMA One and evoTOUCH). However, strangely only a few trainers have incorporated them.

The fit of the PUMA Jamming is completed with a flat lacing system that stays in place during even the most rigorous runs once tied. It’s a nice add on to the evoKNIT upper for the first version of the Jamming. We could see the upper becoming more fitted in future incarnations of the shoe and the lacing going away.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes


The PUMA Jamming offers a superb ride because of its evoKNIT upper and NRGY material sole.

The sole may seem little stiff at first and does require a break in period as the beads and pods that make it up adjust and mold to the shape of your feet. We found three days of wearing them for everyday purpose enough before taking them to a local track for a run.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

Once on the move with the PUMA Jamming the first thing that is experienced is a high level of foot cushioning similar to that you’d find in shoes that are tagged with the “Cushioned” label. Needless to say, this is great for running in general particularly on concrete and asphalt surfaces that can result dreaded shin splints and hairline fractures. The sole also provides a good deal of energy return that you can actually feel. This provides some good bounce during a run and is great for sprinting.

The evoKNIT upper does its part when you’re running in the Jamming as well. It comfortably wraps your feet like a glove and keeps them in place along the way. If it could be removed and washed they would make the shoe wearable without socks.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes


PUMA’s evoKNIT fabric first made its appearance as a shoe upper a year and a half ago. The firm has gone on to use the high-tech thermoregulation material for several of its professional grade soccer jerseys including the 2018/19 Borussia Dortmund and Uruguay kits.

Improved since its introduction, the evoKNIT fabric on the PUMA Jamming not only looks wonderful but does a fantastic job and keeping your feet cool throughout any given run. Similar to a high-end soccer shirt, it pulls any sweat and quickly dissipates any sweat that makes it way from your socks to the upper. The result is a pair of well ventilated, dry feet even when running on hot days.

Review: PUMA Jamming Trainers, Running Shoes

In the Gym

The PUMA Jamming’s stability and support make it a good cross training shoe at the gym. We tried it for some of our workouts including those that included plyometric, traditional weightlifting, kettlebell, TRX suspension training and battling rope action. The shoe worked well across the board in the gym and could be substituted for a cross trainer without a second thought. The only moves that we’d avoid using it for at the gym are heavy deadlifts and squats for which flatter, less cushioned soles are best suited.


Our tester has logged thirty miles of running and twelve gym workouts in the PUMA Jamming since unboxing it some two weeks ago. He also wears it for everyday purposes at times because of its cool factor. Yet the shoe looks as good as it did coming out of the box. We were worried about the ribbed portion of the evoKNIT upper becoming stretched out of shape from repeatedly putting the Jamming on. We haven’t seen any thing to fret about yet as the ribbed top of the sock maintains its snugness.

Bottom Line

Truly pioneering and state-of-the-art, visually excellent and all around great running shoe, the PUMA Jamming is a must to look at when shopping for your Summer 2018 trainers. It was released with an average high end running shoe MSRP of $160 but can be found for less from reputable online retailers with a quick web search. It has our recommendation!

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