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Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range

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Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range

Creators of some of the hottest soccer boots of the year so far (check out the Aura+, Volt+ and Mr. Cenz collection), Concave Football have launched a brilliant apparel line for the summer and fall of 2017. This is our World Exclusive look at the collection. The range is now available at

Concave Performance Top
Concave’s Performance Top is an all-black training top that can double as a match kit. It’s made of modern, lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester with a slim fit that brings shows off athletic physiques.

Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range

This shirt’s appeal is in its simplicity in that it is a pure crewneck athletic shirt. Its outside details are simply the Concave logo printed on the right chest and clever diagonal sleeve stitching. Inside neck taping features the Concave logo and motto of “Game Evolved”.

Concave Performance Shorts
The perfect complement for Concave’s Performance Top, Concave’s Performance Shorts is so lightweight that it feels like you have nothing on when wearing them.

They are made of the same material as the accompanying top and has fantastic moisture dissipation characteristics. The shorts also have a flat white drawstring on the inside of its waistline for a nice touch of the old school. The Concave Performance Top and Shorts can be combined with the firm’s new blackout Halo+ boots for wicked black on black look.

Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range

Concave Hoodie
Concave’s 2017 Hoodie is one of the best looking on the market right now. It’s carries a brilliant design that includes a full coverage hood that can be pulled over the forehead. The hood works well with the top’s high zipped up neck to keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range
The mainly light gray hoodie is detailed with black via its zippers, drawstring, and waistline trim. The trim is emphasized by a cool curved tail at the back. A last bit of detailing that completes the stellar aesthetics of the hoodie if v-shaped stitching on the chest that continues onto the sleeves and back.

Concave Joggers
Concave’s Jogger can be worn with the Hoodie, Performance top, a t-shirt, a tank or even nothing else. In any case it looks very stylish. The bottoms have the tapered look of today’s joggers that take their inspiration from retro track pants while adding some contemporary flair.

Review: Concave Football 2017 Clothing Range

Given that they are cuffed at the ankles they can be worn for cooler weather soccer practices or pickups. Their look allows them to fit in at the gym, track or in casual situations. Concave has added some clever stitching at the knees and an eye-catching but functional zippered side pocket to the Jogger.

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