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Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway

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Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway

Manchester, UK-based Concave Football today dropped their blue / white soccer boot range. In the mix is a stunning edition of Concave’s new Volt + boot. Here is our World Exclusive up-close look at the speed boot along with specifications on it.

Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway

Who’s Wearing the Concave Volt +?

Sunderland goalkeeper Vito Mannone, Cardiff City’s Greg Halford and Liverpool and Wales forward Natasha Harding are among the professional footballers wearing the blue and white Volt +.

Where to Buy It

The Volt + is now on sale at the Concave Football website.


With a purpose to cause relentless danger for the opposition, the Concave Volt+ Men’s soccer cleats feature a soft touch synthetic microfibre upper, which is extremely lightweight and minimalistic to offer a barefoot feel on the ball.

Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway

If speed is your game then the Volt is for you. We all know that feeling in the heat of a game, when adrenaline’s rushing through your body, you’re sprinting towards goal and find that opportunity to hit off a shot but for some reason the ball goes flying into the stands.

Look no further. Combining the lightweight needs of modern day football and our unique PowerStrike Technology, the Volt is the boot for players that love flying down the wings and thumping a strike into the top corner. Oh and you’re struggling with the knuckleball technique? Here’s your answer!

Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway Soccer Boot

PowerStrike Technology hands you a larger striking zone, which increases power and accuracy like never before. When releasing the ball through the centre of your foot and upon coming into contact with the ball, you’ll instantly notice it come into play as you receive up to 15% more power and a hugely noticeable difference in the quality of your distribution. Not only that, it supports you as a player giving you more protection on your foot, without affecting the foot’s natural form and movement.

Up-Close: Concave Volt + Blue / White Colorway Soccer Boot

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