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Review: G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

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Review: G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

Made with impact resistant Poron XRD, G-Form shin guards offer a new approach to the one piece of protective gear that soccer players wear. Here is our look at their Pro-S product.

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Who is Wearing G-Form Shin Guards?

LA Galaxy and Republic of Ireland striker Robbie Keane along with Chicago Red Strikers and former USA Under-23 striker Jen Hoy are currently wearing G-Form shin guards. The line is also endorsed by football legend Pele and has a partnership with the Finnish Soccer Players’ Union that will see all professional players in Finland furnished with G-Form shin guards.

Review: G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

The Technology Behind G-Form Shin Guards

G-Form shin guards use Reactive Protective Technology (RPT) that is unique to G-Form. RPT allows the soft and flexible shin guards to harden on impact and then return to their soft state once the energy is absorbed and dissipated. The black Pro-S Elite was designed with professional players’ feedback. It is the lightest shin guard G-Form offers and boasts a thin, low profile. The yellow Pro-S offers the best protection of any shin guard on the market and only weighs 6 grams more than the Pro-S Elite.


G-Form shin guards are sized by height and weight via their online size chart. We found that the fit of the Pro-S was spot on based on the chart. The shin guard slips onto the legs in a very easy manner thanks to the glide factor of its sleeve. Since it is an all in one affair there is not adjustment to be made as is often the case with either strapped on shin guards or those that you slip into sleeves. The Pro-S let you get it on and slip you socks over it in no time. Fantastic for whenever you’re late for a match!

Review: G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

Once on the legs and in match action, the G-Form Pro-S offers a nice snug fit with no shifting or loose fabric. It is so lightweight (2.5 oz.) and non-intrusive that you can forget that you’re even wearing shin pads. Needless to say, we never found any need to stop and adjust them during play.


We’ve been wearing the G-Form Pro-S shin guard on an artificial grass field in the midst of summer. Temperatures on it can be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit at times. While the shin guard does not add any cooling to the calf area it does work well in dissipating heat and preventing heat buildup even under our match socks. This is most likely because of its air vents. The black sleeve can absorb heat because of its color but is made of a moisture wicking fabric to aid with cooling. Making it a lighter color that reflects heat would make it better.


G-Form are onto something with the use of Poron XRD in shin guards. The high tech material has been used for the last few years in everything from motorcycle to skateboarding to mountaineering protective gear. We’ve taken many average wacks and a few hard ones while wearing the G-Form Pro-S shin guards while playing soccer. In every case our testers came away unscathed and with no injuries. Our wearers of the Pro-S said that they did not even notice low impact blows (even those involving studs to the shins). Based on our experience with them the only other shin pads that we can compare the G-Form Pro-S to are high end carbon fiber guards.

G-Form and Finnish Soccer Players’ Union Sign Partnership


The G-Form Pro-S retails for $79.99. This is on the high side for shin guards in general but roughly half the price of a pair professional grade carbon fiber shin guards. While the price is somewhat high it’s not bad given that the Pro-S offers the same lightness and protection as similar carbon fiber products.

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