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BassBuds FC – Official Barclays Premier League Headphones

English Premier League

BassBuds FC – Official Barclays Premier League Headphones

High-end personal music specialists BassBuds have launched their Football Collection featuring officially licensed headphones and Bluetooth speakers for English Premier League clubs Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Newcastle United and West Ham United.

This is our World Exclusive in-person look at the Liverpool FC edition of BassBuds headphones and the Tottenham version of their speakers.

Bassbuds FC - Official Premier League Headphones

Here are the technical details on each from BassBuds:

BassBuds FC Headphones

Official Liverpool high performance in-ear headphones featuring Crystaltronics Sound Technology for powerful, distortion-free bass and vivid super-rich trebles. Built in MP3, music controller and unique interchangeable cap designs.

BassBuds FC Speaker

The official Spurs powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker. Featuring BXC (Bass Expansion Chamber) and a long-throw subwoofer for rich, powerful bass without distortion and an impressive soundstage – even at high volume.

Bassbuds FC - Official Premier League Headphones

What We Thought

Simply put – the BassBuds FC headphones and speaker rock. We’ve been through many headphones lately and these rank up there with the usual luxury headphone and earbud makers such as Bose and Sennheiser. The sound that you get from them are crystal clear and let you truly appreciate whatever you choice of music might be. The hands free microphone is great as well if you’re into blasting your conference calls or personal conversations into your skull.

Bassbuds FC - Official Premier League Headphones

What really sets BassBuds apart is the shear volume of value-adds that their headphones provide. Click on our high-resolution pictures and you’ll get an idea.

– Nine pairs of earbuds. That’s almost enough for an entire starting XI.

– Earbud covers with a speaker effect and another pair with a crystal effect that magnetically attached to the headphones for alternative looks.

– Collector’s boxes with your team’s crest on them.

– Carrying cases in your club’s colors and proudly displaying its badge.

– Aluminum housing throughout that bear Premier League team crests.

– A near three-foot long anti-tangle cable. We don’t see these bursting easily. We took them to the gym for a leg workout and can confirm that they do not tangle.

– Noise canceling. We’ve got loud neighbors at work. You can damage your hearing by turning up you music to an uncomfortable level or enjoy it at a lower level with BassBuds FC headphones while drowning out the phone screamers next door.

Bassbuds FC - Official Premier League Headphones

We enjoyed the BassBuds FC Bluetooth speaker while not using their headphones. It’s small enough to pass for an ornament (about the size of a bottle of cologne) but packs quite a punch. After pairing with both iOS and Android phones we could fill up a small room with an impressive crisp delivery of tunes. Pack up your shelf system.

The only room for improvement we could find with BassBuds FC’s products is that the headphones would be better if they were wireless. Perhaps this is what’s coming next from the Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora endorsed firm.

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