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Umbro Launch Serbia 2014/16 Away Kit

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Umbro Launch Serbia 2014/16 Away Kit

The Football Association of Serbia and new technical sponsor Umbro have officially released a white away kit to be worn by all of the Serbian national football teams during the 2014/16 period. The Serbs’ new home kit will follow ahead of start of the team’s EURO 2016 qualification campaign in October.

According to Umbro: The Serbian National Football Team released the new away kit, a smart look by British sports supplier Umbro. The kit will be worn for the first time in a friendly game against France which will be played tomorrow and would be used throughout the games on the road to qualifications for EURO 2016. This season for Serbia has started in the sign of all new: new young team, new coach, and new kit. We are confident that ALL TOGETHER we can achieve results for history.

Serbia 2014 2015 White Umbro Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Dres

Umbro has been at the heart and soul of Football since 1924. Over this time we have been able to gain an in depth understanding of what players and fans want. Typifying a proud national spirit, the jersey includes a number of unique design features for Serbia’s national teams. It simbolizes the new energy of young and passionate Serbian players, new blood led by a new expirianced coach Dik Advokat.

The inspiration and the idea for the new Serbian away kit was to unite all typical Serbian elements and characteristics with classic sports elements that have for decades graced the Serbian national team kit, while it still looks unique, distinctive and modern.

Serbia 2014 2015 White Umbro Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Dres

Using national symbols on the jersey like stylized four letters Cyrillic “S”‘ on each of its corners and Orthodox cross, jersey itself got its purpose and belonging. The idea was to give a Serbian kit even deeper meaning and to connect millions of fans with the national identity and national team players. Due to that, the appropriate uniform typeface was added, inspired by the letter of the Miroslav’s Gospel and letters of Dušan’s Code, modified into a new and modern visual identity but still acceptable and recognizable to all fans. The unity of the team as well as the unity of all fans together around the game is the best basis for victory.

The jersey is white with a white collar with only two small elegant gold stripes, to reflect the colors of the Serbian coat of arms. From the left front of the jersey two gold stripes symbolize the cross. On the back of the jersey’s neck is a graphic that reads “4 S” in Cyrillic script, which represent the Serbian coat of arms. The numbers on the jersey are done in a typeface design, and perforated to make the kit cooler and lighter.

Serbia 2014 2015 White Umbro Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Dres

The kits have also been designed to enhance the performance of players by helping to keep them drier, cooler and more comfortable. The away shorts are also white with a gold stripe on both sides, Serbian FA coat of arms on the right side while the Umbro double-diamond logo is on the left. The socks are in the same color as shorts, which have the Umbro’s iconic double-diamond logo in gold color.

Quoting Serbian team captain Branislav Ivanovic: “we are very happy with this jersey. It’s the beginning of a new era for us. We want to get the fans behind us through our performance…Can’t be more excised to play some good football wearing this original kit.”

Serbia 2014 2015 White Umbro Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Dres

The new away kit is now available in Serbia. Look for it at retailers such as World Soccer and Subside Sports in the near future.

The campaign slogan for the new kit is “ALL TOGETHER” and the theme is to show to Serbia that, we need to be united, to play and to enjoy some good footbal. National kit is simply a must have for everyone from children to the elderly, which together will cheer for Serbian national team.

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