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IXO Pro Carbon Fiber Shinguards

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IXO Pro Carbon Fiber Shinguards

Spanish firm IXO has made a splash with its entry into the football market via its high-end, professional grade carbon fiber shinpads (or shinguards if you prefer).

IXO-Carbon-Fiber-Shinpads (7)

Made of the same ultra-thin and lightweight material as race cars and jet airplanes, the shells of the shinpads are backed with a 6mm thick layer of Poron XRD Performance cushioning material (also used for elite level skateboarder helmets and protective compression tops).

IXO uses aluminium laser-cut foil to personalize the shin pads with the text and numerals of your choice. The gear bag that accompanies each pair of shin pads is also personalized.

IXO-Carbon-Fiber-Shinpads (6)

To top things off, IXO’s shinpad come in a cylindrical aluminum presentation case fitting of only the finest products accompanied by a hand-signed note from the firm’s management. As you can see from our pictures, the total package is a sight to behold and something that we’ve never seen before for any football product (and we do get quite a bit of them here).

IXO’s specialists make each pair of their carbon fiber shinpads by hand at their facility in Vigo, Spain. We were even sent a picture of our pair as they were in the process of being manufactured.

IXO-Carbon-Fiber-Shinpads (8)

In terms of fit, IXO’s shinpads are true to size and fit on the shins perfectly. Once on the leg, they are so lightweight that you forget that you are even wearing shinguards. This is something that we greatly appreciate as soccer players who do not want to have to think about or adjust gear during intense matches.

IXO-Carbon-Fiber-Shinpads (3)

The protection provided by the IXO Pro shinpads is amazing. Their carbon fiber shell and Poron combination provide a high level of shock absorption from blows across the front of the lower leg to leave you unscathed. This is of little surprise given the fact that the guards use components featuring the latest in sports protection technology.

Interested in a pair of what may just be the Lamborghini of shin guards? You can get them at IXO’s website at this link.

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