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Pelé Sports Fall / Winter 2012 Women’s Soccer Collection

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Pelé Sports Fall / Winter 2012 Women’s Soccer Collection

Now known for their high quality products and ultracool designs bearing the name of the greatest player of all time, Pelé Sports have launched one of  today’s largest apparel collections for female soccer players. We’ve had a first hand look at some of their offerings over the past couple of week. Here is a a world exclusive, up-close look at this groundbreaking range. It will be available at soccer.comKitbagWorld Soccer Shop and local soccer shops near you.


Competitor Gameday Jersey

The Pelé Sports women’s Competitor Gamday Jersey is one of our favorites of the range. It is distinctly retro in look with a pronounced v-neck and elastic, striped sleeve cuffs reminiscent of the soccer shirts of the 1970s and 1980s. At the same time, it is made of the modern lightweight polyester fabric that is includes extra ventilation in the underarm and back areas. This is definitely a head-turner that will have you standing out on the field and in the gym.


Training Crew Tee

Basic and extremely functional, the Pelé Sports women’s Training Crew Tee can be worn under a game jersey, for training sessions, for running or for cross training. It is made of lightweight polyester fabric that readily absorbs and disperses moisture to keep you dry. It’s spruced up with the Pelé Sports Pelada crest on back and the Pelé’s signature on the chest.


Sleeveless Gameday

The Pelé Sports Women’s Sleeveless Gameday Tee is essentially a non-sleeved version of the Training Crew Tee with a couple of nice design changes.


Intended for training or even matches in warmer temperatures, the Sleeveless Gameday Tee is made of very breathable, lightweight polyester with the Pelé Sports signature logo and Pelada badge screen printed on its chest and a circular player number area on its back.


Vented Stripe Gameday Shirt

Cooling, comfortable and functional as the, the Pelé solid Solid Strip shirt features colored stripes for an even more pronounced classic footie look reminiscent of kits worn by teams such as Celtic FC, Queens Park Rangers and FC Dallas.


The Vented Stripe Pelé shirt includes a star and cross around the Pelada badge in raised felt while there is a screen printed target ideal for the placement of a player number on the back. Finally, left waist area of the jersey includes Pelé Sports’ patented three symbol print of a soccer ball, star and target. What this all amounts too is a jersey that would make one of the better looking 2012/13 match kits around right now. We’d love to see a professional team rocking them!


Energy Tech Tee

Part Pelé Sports signature shirt, part technical training shirt, the Women’s Energy Tech Tee features an oversized Pelé signature logo on its front and an unmistakably soccercentric graphic on the back. As our pictures indicate, the rare print includes Pelé Sports’ inspirational “Show the World Some Magic” tag line.


Some colorways of the Energy Tech Tee consist of contrasting colors throughout. For example, the yellow and pibk version of the shirt has a pink back area, crewneck and shoulder stripes while the rest of the tee is yellow. Wear this to make statement about your game!

Side Vent Sweatshirt

With Fall 2012 upon, the weather can be erratic. Hence sweatshirts become regular attire on and off the soccer field. Enter the Pelé Sports Women’s Side Vent Sweatshirt!

Not your standard sweatshirt, the Side Vent Sweatshirt is made of a high quality polyester blend the outside with a fleece inner lining that feels great on the skin. It is also not heavy at all and an excellent training, warm-up and post-game top for soccer players in cooler climes.


What is really ingenious about the Pelé Sports Side Vent Sweatshirt are its zippered sides. As the name of the shirt indicates, they can zip down to form a vent! Need to cool down after a runout? Then zip one or both sides open to let air circulate to your torso. You can even undo the velcro snaps at the bottom of each zipper to separate the front and back panels of the shirt. Pelé Sports should apply for a patent for this!

¾ Pants
A polyester version of the men’s ¾ pants launched last year, the Pelé Sports women’s ¾ pants is a great companion for any track jacket or hoody on the pitch and just as suited for the gym or even lounging. Indeed, the Pelé Sports 3/4 Track Pant is another 21st Century updated blast from the past of soccer.

Similar to the old school cotton track pants you may have seen greats like Zico, Beckenbauer and Pelé training with in old 1970s footage and pictures, the latest incarnation of this timeless classic from Pelé Sports in made of an extra comfortable polyester bland.


Add in ribbed knit a waistband and cuffs, and your hardest decision when wearing these is whether to rock your socks high like the legends did or keep them low to show a little skin.


Side Stripe and Competitor Gameday Shorts

As important as they are on the soccer field, short don’t get as much attention from designers as jerseys and training tops seem to. This is not the case with the Pelé Sports Women’s Side Stripe and Competitor Gameday shorts!

Both made of extremely lightweight and moisture dispersing material, Pelé Sport’s womens’ soccer shorts are amongst the best that we’ve seen in terms of both quality and performance.


Each includes modern, good-looking designs that are highlighted by the Pelé Sports logo and Pelada crest. The Competitor Gameday shorts features one vertical stripe on each side while the Side Stripe Gameday shorts includes two. Regardless of the choice, these are clearly soccer specific shorts in appearance that will let everyone know that you play The Beautiful Game when worn in casual situations, for a run or at the gym.

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