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Review: PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

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Review: PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

Over the past two weeks we’ve been testing what is currently the lightest soccer boot in the world — the Puma v1.10 SL. This brand new shoe is currently worn by Dwayne De Rosario of Toronto FC and is expected to be on the feet of many more players as the major European leagues kick off over the next few weeks. It weighs a mind-blowing 5.3 ounces (150.2 grams).

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

Based on information that we’ve received from PUMA, the PUMA v1.10 SL features a super soft and ultrathin premium microfiber upper material, while its one-piece outsole provides stability and support, utilizing a carbon fiber insert in the midfoot to minimize weight and to increase stability of the shoe. The v1.10 SL features the unique PUMA AptoLast, which mimics the natural shape of the foot. The v1.10 SL was created with only one thing in mind: to give you the confidence to be your fastest.

Now here’s a review of the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 soccer boots from a former NCAA Division 1 player who is still very active in the pick-up and amateur league circuits in our area.

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

The Test
I’ve been testing the PUMA v1.10 SL on the sun-parched soccer fields of the South Eastern United States. I have not had a chance to use them on watered or rained upon fields because of near drought conditions. My test consisted of:
– Two break-in sessions in which I ran some dribbling and shooting drills and practiced skills moves
– Two pick-up soccer games
– One league match

Because of the need to shed as much weight as possible, the PUMA v1.10 SL has a very minimalist design. The flashy design features carried by its cousin, the PUMA v1.10, are gone in the interest of function. Nevertheless, the designers a PUMA still managed to create a good-looking boot by giving the PUMA v1.10 SL what can be described as a very sleek, modern look that is certainly eye-catching. I can’t wait to see this shoe in other colorways!

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

The Fit
Someone will read this article 10 years from now when soccer boots have an average weight of 1 oz. and laugh at my comments. Nevertheless, I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old and have never felt a soccer boot like the PUMA v1.10 SL on my feet. This shoe is so light that it feels like a pair of socks with cleats on your foot. Wearing it is the closest you can probably come to playing barefooted but with shoes on. As you can imagine, they felt magnificent once on the foot.

I did find, however, that unlike most soccer shoes, the PUMA v1.10 SL does run true to size. So if you wear a size 10 shoe then get a size 10 PUMA v1.10 SL. There is no room for stretching for us soccer players who usually get a half a size down for a snug fit. Your true size on the PUMA v1.10 SL will provide the snug fit that you’re looking for. I’ve heard similar accounts above the other lightweight boots on the market from fellow players.

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

The Ride
I found the PUMA v1.10 SL to be extremely comfortable. Because of its light weight, it reminds me of a performance track shoe that would be used for sprint events. At the same time, it does provide a great deal of stability via its external heel counter and ergonomically designed soleplate. Thus, running with these shoes on grass is almost effortless for a fit player. The loss of weight compared to your standard 10 oz. soccer shoe definitely results in less fatigue as over the course of a game, you’re moving half the weight per step.

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

I was a bit apprehensive about how the PUMA v1.10 SL would work in game situations for passing and shooting. My fears were quickly allayed upon using them.

As I mentioned above, I found the PUMA v1.10 SL’s to create a feeling similar to playing barefooted soccer — the type you might only play on the beach. There is no padding between your foot and the ball to dampen your intended effect. As a result, you get a better feeling of intimacy with the ball upon touching it. The end results of this are extremely accurate passes and shots.

One pleasant surprise that I found with the PUMA v1.10 SL was the extra time that they allow to execute passes and shots. For instance, imagine eluding a defender and then making a pass or shot. Now imagine doing so with half of the weight of your normal shot on your foot. What you have in an extra fraction of a second for making your decision as to what you are going to do with then ball and carrying out the action. I didn’t even think about this until my break-in session with the PUMA v1.10 SL but once you have the boots on your feel and run some dribbling followed by shooting drills, you will be taken aback. There’s little wonder that so many world class attackers (such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo) are opting for ultralight boots to much success on the pitch (at the club level anyway).

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

When Not to Wear
We do not recommend that rough and tumble central defenders and defensive midfielders use the PUMA v1.10 SL. It is a light weight speed boot and not built for the sometimes violent shenanigans that go on in the defensive line. An ill-timed or badly executed tackle or step on the foot while wearing light weight boots like the PUMA v1.10 SL could result in anything from a mild injury to a broken metatarsal. If you play in central defense or as a defensive midfielder, please stick to a sturdy padded boot like the venerable PUMA King or the soon to be classic PUMA PowerCat v1.10.

I’ve logged about five hours of practice and game time in the PUMA v1.10 SL thus far. While my pair of white boots has been dirtied as a result, it has help up quite well. I see now signs of ripping or shape distortion. I believe that the minimalist design of the boot has contributed to this fact. If there’s less to go wrong with a boot, the less likely that something can become damaged on it. I hope to use these for a long time to come whenever I play in wingback or attacking positions.

The PUMA v1.10 SL is a quality professional grade soccer boot that can have devastating effects on defenders on the feet of a fit, skilful offensive player. Thus I highly recommend it for such players. Its light weight, incredible touch and stability make it ideal strikers, wingers and attacking midfielders of intermediate to advance skill levels.

The PUMA v1.10 SL is now available at the World Soccer Shop PUMA Store.

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Big ups as always to Heather B. for making this review possible!

PUMA v1.10 SL Firm Ground Soccer Boots

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