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Review: PUMA PowerCat 1.10 Soccer Boots

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Review: PUMA PowerCat 1.10 Soccer Boots

Over the past week we’ve been testing the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 soccer boot. This is currently one of PUMA’s premium grade soccer boots and the crown jewel of the recently launched PowerCat range.

This is a brief description of the PowerCat 1.10 boot from PUMA:

The PowerCat 1.10 Boot uses PUMA 3D Power Shooting Technology which delivers unique rebound properties. The Springtech foam in the shark-like gills on the side of the boot are engineered to enhance every shot by putting extra power behind the ball as it catapults off the shoe. This means the boot intentionally does not absorb the typical amount of energy upon impact with the ball, allowing more power to be released with every shot.

The kicking area is made of a soft, thin leather and a synthetic microfiber around the quarter area, keeping the boot lightweight and easy to perform in. The bladed studs are configured to ensure smooth ground penetration and pressure distribution as well as maximum traction and maneuverability.

Now here’s a review of the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 soccer boots from a former NCAA Division 1 player who is still very active in the pick-up and amateur league circuits in our area.

The Test
I was fortunate to receive a pair of PUMA PowerCat 1.10 boots while the weather in our area was quite dry.  Therefore, I was able to conduct my testing on dry fields that were emerging from the winter freeze. My test consisted of the following:

  • One break-in session in which I ran some dribbling, turning and shooting drills and practiced skills moves
  • One pick-up game featuring several former NCAA Division 1 and 2 players
  • One Sunday league match.

I tested a pair of PUMA PowerCat 1.10 boots in the white / royal / gold colorway pictured below. These shoes look so good in real life that even the professionally taken pictures provided by PUMA do not do them justice.  From the classy off-white color to the gold mesh PUMA cat on the insole to the splash on the sole, the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 is the type of shoe that you want to just stare at in admiration. It is truly well-designed and eye-appealing and belongs as much in a showcase as it does on the soccer field.

The Fit
I usually wear US size 10 shoes but got size 9.5 PUMA PowerCat 1.10 shoes because of my preference for snug-fitting game footwear.

Trying on the PowerCat 1.10 was a case of “love at first fit.” Because of their slightly low side profile to accommodate its off-center lacing system, these boots were quite easy to slip on. Once on the feet, they felt remarkably comfortable for soccer shoes. In fact, if the PowerCat 1.10s did not have cleats they would be great for cross training.

In terms of weight, the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 is not the lightest shoe on the market. However at a mere 10.4 oz, it feels like nothing more than a heavy sock on the foot. In fact, its minimal weight made me very cognizant of our shin guard / playing sock combination which probably weighed more than the shoe.

In-Game Performance
The PUMA PowerCat 1.10 boot is the type of shoe that doesn’t require much breaking in whatsoever. After just one break-in session with them I felt comfortable enough in them to give them a run in my Tuesday night pick-up game. Soon thereafter, I thought they were game-ready and used them in my Sunday league match.

The touch of the PowerCat 1.10 is impeccable! As such, it is the type of boot a central, playmaking midfielder would cherish. I won’t be surprised to see PUMA-sponsored midfield generals like Mauro Camoranesi of Italy and Michael Carrick of England using them at this summer’s World Cup.

I found that the PowerCat 1.10 to be excellent for trapping with the inside and outside of the feet.  The shoe seems to kill the ball’s momentum to just the right extent to give you the control needed to quickly make your next pass or shot. Perhaps this has to with the Springtech foam that PUMA has used for the boot. This appears to definitely be the case at the forefoot area where the Springtech is present in abundance.

I also found the PowerCat to be excellent for making accurate, on the ground passes the inside of the foot. I thought that this was a result of the great stability offered by the shoe’s heel counter / sole plate combination and its shape at the instep. The latter very closely matches the shape of the instep of the human foot.

Increased power during shoot is one of the PUMA PowerCat 1.10’s key features. From my break-in session with this boot, I found this to be indeed the case of shots taken with the top of the foot. The gills and foam at the front of the boot do seem to enhance the force imparted to the ball during such shots by what I estimate to be probably about 10-15%. Therefore, some practice is required with the PowerCat 1.10 boots before using them in game situations in order to become attuned to shooting with them. Who wants to show up to a match with new, premium grade boots but not know how best use them?

Because of the PowerCat 1.10 boot’s great touch and stability, I found them to work extremely well for low “placement before power” shots. After all, what is a well-placed, low shot other than a pass to a pre-selected area of the goal? As mentioned in the Touch section above, the PowerCat 1.10 is definitely a shoe for accurate passing.

Finally, I found chipped shots with the front of the inside foot to work wonderfully with the PowerCat 1.10. However, since these types of shots are easier to control that those made with the top of the foot, it took me less time to be able to successfully execute them with the new boot.

I’ve logged about four and a half hours of practice and game time in the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 soccer shoes thus far. Since they’re white, they’ve expectedly lost some of their initial, fresh out of the box shine because of my abuse. Nevertheless, they are holding up remarkably well. I see absolutely no shape distortion or any sign of abnormal damage with them. I believe that this is definitely a quality product that will stand the test of time. Below is a picture of the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 boots that I tested after the break-in session and one pick-up game.

I believe that the PUMA PowerCat 1.10 is an excellent choice of shoe for any outfield player of intermediate to advanced skill levels. It should work as well for a striker as it will for a defender. This is evident in the fact that we’ve seen English Premier League players Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea FC striker), TomáÅ¡ Rosický (Arsenal midfielder) and Nemanja Vidić (Manchester United defender) all donning them in recent weeks.

However, if you do decide to get them, I highly recommend practicing with them for a bit in order to really appreciate and master their excellent attributes. You’ll be rewarded for doing so once on the field in a game situation!

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