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Pictures: Chilean Soccer Babes to Pose Nude to Get to the World Cup


Pictures: Chilean Soccer Babes to Pose Nude to Get to the World Cup

Let the FIFA World Cup 2010 madness begin!

The Chile national team recently qualified for their first FIFA World Cup since France 1998. As one might expect, the natives are excited and restless and would love to accompany their team to South Africa. However, the cost of the trip from Chile to South Africa with hotel for a week or so is extremely expensive (around $10,000 USD by our research).

So what’s an attractive young lady of limited means to do if she wants to make it to the World Cup with La Roja next year?

Chilean models Natalie Ortiz, Erika Romero and Cati Olivos have come up with a solution – GET NAKED.

Under the name Team Mundial (or Team World Cup in English), the enterprising trio have embarked on a series of activities in which they will show off themselves in various states of disrobement around Chile.

Team Mundial made its public debut at La Moneda in Santiago yesterday in lingerie from local designer Sergio Salinas. They now plan to hit the local clubs and beaches.

Salinas claims that Ortiz, Romero and Olivos are friends with several players on the Chilean national team and plan to do a photo shoot with them.

Here’s a look at Team Mundial rocking Santiago.

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