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Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

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Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

Reebok has released the groundbreaking new collection for Fall / Autumn THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE apparel range based on the latest in materials tech. Read on for more on one of the athletic clothing lines of the year along with our World Exclusive look its Zip-Up Hooded Jacket.

Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

The Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE apparel collection is the first commercially-priced use of graphene in sportswear. Graphene, first discovered by a group of researchers who isolated the material to its thinnest layer, discovered that this wonder material is one of the lightest, thinnest, strongest and most heat conductive materials on Earth. The groundbreaking discovery of graphene earned researchers the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

Reebok’s strategically placed THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE internal grid print zone technology helps retain between 8% and 15% more heat than unprinted zones, depending on the base fabric.

Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

The graphene-infused technology is integrated in over a dozen silhouettes ranging from performance running leggings to outerwear jackets, offering consumers an assortment that fits into a variety of athletic lifestyles. All collection offerings feature a strategically placed THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE grid print in the most pivotal heat retention zones where it would most benefit consumers – in garment hoods, shoulder panels and upper leg panels. When wearing a THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE apparel piece, body heat will be absorbed and retained across the entire graphene-infused printed panels to help the consumer stay warmer in cold temperatures.

“We’re catapulting apparel into the future,” said Chandler Frost, Senior Product Manager at Reebok. “THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE technology revolutionizes how our winter garments will keep consumers warm. Now with THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE, consumers can stay warmer in cold weather temperatures without sacrificing performance, function, or style.”

Highlights of the THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE collection include:

•    THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Cotton Fleece Hoodie: Banish heat loss without sacrificing style with this men’s piece. Featuring THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE printed fabric at the hood and a kangaroo pocket provides a warm place for chilled digits.

•    THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Pants: Fashion meets performance with the THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Pants inclusive of printed front panels for added warmth and versatility.

•    THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket: THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE grid print within the inside hood of this women’s full zip jacket offers heat retention at the most pivotal region of the body.

More on the Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket

We’ve been rocking the Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket over the last couple of week in temperatures ranging from 35 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Our activities in it ranged from walking from the car to the gym and back to soccer pre-match warmups and staying warm post game. The THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket was brilliant in all scenarios and kept us warm and comfortable even in windy, near freezing conditions. The THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE gridded zones in key areas such as the entire back, shoulders and under the hood make a relatively light weight jacket deceivingly protective from the winter elements. It could be the only jacket you need this season if you live in a place with mild winters such as the US South.

Up-Close: Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Apparel Collection

The Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket is also quite a stylish affair with a modern wonderfully tailored, streamlined fit. It works as well with chinos and jeans as it does with joggers and athletic shorts. At the same time the jacket has functional details that come in handy in multiple situations. Our favorites are its zipped chest pockets that will fit any wireless earbuds case, car keys, or even a flip phone if you’re into simple tech. The bigger pockets above the waistline are deep and very warming. A couple of other worthy mentions are the top’s flat, fitted sleeve cuffs and looped hood drawstrings.

Lastly, the Reebok THERMOWARM+GRAPHENE Zip-Up Jacket fit true to size from its shoulders to waist. Therefore, we recommend buying it in your normal top size. Its silhouette hugs the torso to avoid the creation of loose areas that result in the loss of heat.


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