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Up-Close: The Concept Club 2017/18 Nike Jerseys

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Up-Close: The Concept Club 2017/18 Nike Jerseys

Everyone loves a well-designed football kit. That’s one of the driving factors behind the plethora of concept shirt designs and even apps on the web. The Concept Club is a collective of soccer lovers from London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, LA, Tokyo and Singapore who have made their designs into real world products that are available for sale (with global shipping) online.

The Concept Club’s designs include soccer jerseys inspired by everything from Americana to Kanye West to iconic sports logos such as Nike’s Swoosh and adidas’ three stripes. Here is a world exclusive, in-person look at their NASA Deep Space and Swoosh Kanji shirts.

NASA Deep Space Kit

Available in black, dark blue and white, the Concept Club NASA Deep Space jersey is a brilliant interpretation of what a NASA-sponsored kit would look like. The Concept Club team uses the minimalistic but omnipresent Nike Park VI as its canvas. Their famous logo is screen printed in white on the shirt’s chest in white.

Their equally well-known logo is embroidered on the left breast. An embroidered American flag similar to those on Astronaut suits (and also player issue versions of some Major League Soccer jerseys) appears on the right sleeve.

The result of all of this is a clever kit that exudes class while unofficially representing NASA, the USA, astronomy buffs and even science fiction fans. It’s a great conversation piece with strangers asking questions such as “Do you work for NASA?” and “Does NASA sponsor a soccer team?” We use of a black base for the shirt we tried out worked well to support the NASA concept since (as far as we know) outer space is black.

Swoosh Kanji Kit

The Concept Club Swoosh Kanji kit also uses the Nike Park VI template. It comes in black and white.

The white Swoosh Kanji shirt is highlighted by a screen print of the Nike Swoosh on its front with Japanese text for “The Rarest” above it. A Concept Club-designed crest featuring Japan’s red rising sun and a tsunami is embroidered on the chest.

Further, subtle Japanese-inspired detailing appears within the sun along with the text “The Concept Club”. This is truly a well done badge! A  Japanese national flag is embroidered on the Swoosh Kanji kit’s right sleeve for a nice finishing touch.

The Concept Club’s added components work quite well on the jersey’s white background. This is particularly the case with the red of the custom crest and Japanese flag. The white colorway also makes the ventilated strips on each of the kit’s sides more visible that on the black version of the Nike Park VI.

While Nike is not currently acting as the shirt sponsor of any well-known professional soccer teams the large Swoosh on the kit gives us an idea of what could happen if they did.

The Concept Club NASA Deep Space and Swoosh Kanji kits are now available at their online store in short and long-sleeved versions.

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