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Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

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Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

A follow-up to the extremely popular Nano 5.0 training shoe, the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is designed for the speed and agility workouts that are essential to athletic success. One of our team members has been training in them for the past couple of weeks. Here is her review of them.

Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

What is the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR?

Dubbed the Nano 5.5 by some, the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is a lighter weight variant of one of the training shoes of the year 2015. It is similar to the now ubiquitous gym staple but engineered for the faster movement and responsiveness required for bodyweight-based workouts, high-repetition weigh training and short distance running. The technical specification of the CrossFit Speed TR from Reebok are below:

– Monomesh and hotmelt overlay upper for breathable, WOD-tackling durability Low-cut design for freedom of motion and quicker transitions
– Ultrasoft compression molded midsole for mitigating impact shock
– Forefoot cradle with flat laces for high-end lateral and medial support
– Flared outsole and metasplit flex grooves for a super-stable lifting base
– KippingKlip TPU on the back heel allows for a smooth transition up and down the wall for those often programmed HSPUs.
– RopePro shank for no-slide, tough protection
– Anti-friction collar and tongue lining to reduce moisture and heat build up

Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR


The aesthetics of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR are reminiscent of the Nano 5.0 but introduce a sleeker look that supports its function. Its upper is not all Kevlar like the Nano 5.0 but a mix of lightweight mesh and synthetic leather. An eye-catching CrossFit graphic runs along the mesh on the sides of the upper while the frontal area is unadorned. A crisscrossed overlay is added to the side mesh for support.

The sole of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is thicker than that of the Nano 5.0 and contains a base that is more reminiscent of an all- purpose training shoe than a hardcore lifting shoe.

Combined with several clever colorways (including the Icono Pink / White / Night Beacon / Black) that we tested, the CrossFit Speed TR is a well-done package from Reebok that will definitely catch the eye of fitness buffs and sneakheads alike. It is truly a work of function packed into a brilliant design!

Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR


The Reebok CrossFit Speed TR fit true to size. It does have a bit of extra room towards its front however. We thought this was enough to even allow a wear to go half a size down without any problems if a very snug fit is desired. It does have the same lacing system as the Nano 5.0 featured classic flat laces that work well with its eyelet system to let you adjust the fit at the top and sides of the foot to your liking.

The back area of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is very well padded and quite comfortable on the heel area of the foot. As such there is no slipping problems to be concerned about.


The sole of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is notably thicker and more padded than that of the Nano 5.0. The latter may be attributed to its soft molded midsole. Clearly by design, the result is a shoe with a much more comfortable and cushioned ride than the relatively flat-soled Nano. This makes for a shoe that is on par with a medium grade running shoe. It works well and remains comfortable during sprints and runs up to three miles. If you’re looking to go longer than this then I recommend a dedicated running shoe.

One advantage that I thought that the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR has of the Nano 5.0 is arch support. Since I’m someone with high arches I’m particularly appreciative of a shoe that offers this. Having already gone through two pairs of Nano 5.0’s, I could feel the added comfort provided by the Speed TR from the first time I slipped it on.

Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

In the Gym

The Reebok CrossFit Speed TR excels in its natural habitat of the gym. Despite its lighter weight than the Nano 5.0, the Speed TR provided excellent footing and toe splay allowance during any exercise that I did with it including snatches, clean and jerks and traditional weightlifting moves such as bicep curls, squats and shoulder presses. Its hybrid running shoe / CrossFit trainer sole (with the low heel to toe drop) and heel counter provided the type of stability to make me not have to think about anything else but moving weight. This is exactly what you want in a training shoe!

The Reebok CrossFit Speed TR lives up to its billing in terms of enabling rapid transitions during workouts. With less weight to move and more propulsion from the sole I found that I could spring from one exercise to the next during training circuits faster than I can with any other training shoe that I’ve tried.

If you include spin cycling and rowing machine work in your training regime then using a shoe that easily fits into the foot apparatuses of these gym staples is always a nice to have. The Speed TR is such a shoe. You get a very secure and comfortable fit on both with this trainer because of its somewhat flat sole and the parts of its upper that are mesh.


One of the biggest complaints about the Nano 5.0 is the limited ventilation that its Kevlar upper provides. This causes moisture build-up in the shoe while training and, in the case of one of my Nanos, made me have to retire it because of the permanent odor causes. The mesh used for the upper of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR seems like a Kevlar variant but is much thinner than the material on the upper of the Nano 5.0. This is clear to see because it is semi-transparent. As such it provides much better ventilation than the Nano and is an ideal shoe for outdoor WODs in higher temperatures. I have no complaints about the Speed TR retaining sweat and odors so far.


I am now almost three weeks into my daily training regimen in the CrossFit Speed TR and can report that the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is holding us extremely well. There are no durability issues with it at all. The creasing at the front of the foot that comes from use is there but barely shoes. My only worry is keeping the mainly white colorway of the shoe clean through heavy gym use.


At an MSRP of $99, the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR is $40 less than the Nano 5.0 and other comparable training shoes. Given all that it offers this makes it an absolute bargain for anyone looking for workout shoes this spring. The price of launch colorways of the shoe may go down as newer looks of it are released in the lead-up to the 2016 CrossFit Games in July.


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