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Portugal EURO 2016 Nike Home and Away Kits

2016/17 Kits

Portugal EURO 2016 Nike Home and Away Kits

Nike and the Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF) have launched the Portugal EURO 2016 home and away kits.

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Available on Mach 24 at World Soccer ShopSubside SportsLovell SoccerUK Soccer Shop and Kitbag, the new “Selecção” shirts will be worn by team captain Cristiano Ronaldo and his team throughout the 2016/17 international football calendar. They will make their debuts during friendlies with Bulgaria and Belgium over the next week and a half.

Portugal EURO 2016 Nike Home and Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camisa, Camisola, Camiseta 2017

The Portugal EURO 2016 home and away kits use Nike’s new AeroSwift technology. The red and green themes of the respective kits speak to both the team’s experience and its youth, while the kit’s cutting-edge Nike AeroSwift technology enables on-pitch focus by reducing distractions for Portuguese players, like Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Wearing the shirt of the national team and playing with this symbol on my chest is always a great honor. We play for a whole country, for all the Portuguese living in Portugal or abroad, for our families, for our friends, and this is always special,” says Ronaldo. “This new kit makes us feel stronger than ever, lighter and more agile. Me and my teammates can’t wait to start playing and winning matches with it!”

The Portugal 2016/17 Nike home kit features a vivid red body with a tonal deeper garnet red shoulder and sleeve produced by cross-dyeing black with the aforementioned red. On the chest, engineered knit zones create a geometric pattern that enhances the fit, with smaller mesh shapes at the bottom of the graphic.

Portugal EURO 2016 Nike Home and Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camisa, Camisola, Camiseta 2017

Symbols of Portuguese national pride appear on both the interior and exterior of the jersey. The high-density federation crest is heat pressed to the chest, and “Portugal” is knit into the back collar. “Nação” (Nation) and “Valente” (Brave), representing the adventurous spirit of the Portuguese, are knit into the inside cuffs while the inside of the body reveals an Armillary Sphere, a storied navigation tool that to pays homage to Portugal’s rich seafaring heritage.

Portugal EURO 2016 Nike Home and Away Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Camisa, Camisola, Camiseta 2017

The sides of the kit also have a dark green stripe that runs the length of the shirt and matching shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, it maximizes ventilation and reveals bold flashes of underlying red.

Dark green socks feature a glowing, lighter green linear graphic on the calf, highlighting the most dynamic part of the footballer’s body, the lower legs, to accentuate speed.

A radical departure from previous designs, the Portugal 2016/17 new luminous green Nike away kit nods toward the team’s bright future.

“Nike has followed the National Team in historical national football moments — the achievements and the most challenging times,” explains Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).

“We have always had this partner at our side. The Portuguese Football Federation is proud to count on the support of Nike in another defining moment. We hope that this new kit will be the kick-off for a positive campaign of our National Team in France.”

The groundbreaking away kit showcases the same innovations and design details as the home kit, but the new shirt’s bright body is offset by a darker tonal green across the sleeves and upper back. The new away socks are dark green with a red linear graphic on the calf.

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