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TruSox Reviewed – Are They Performance Enhancing?

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TruSox Reviewed – Are They Performance Enhancing?

With little marketing TruSox has made its way onto the professional football scene in Europe over the past couple of seasons. Spotted on the feet and calves of many a professional player with no ties to the brand, the innovative sock has gone mainstream and is now worn at the amateur level.

We’ve had a few runout in TruSox over the past come of weeks. Here’s what we thought of them.

TruSox Socks Review 2015

The TruSox Claim 

TruSox’ key feature is a series of non-slip technology pads that are intended to secure your foot to your footwear to ensure that you do not slide within your socks or shoes. The fries says that the pads are made with technology that is activated as you start to sweat. This means that TruSox work better as they acclimatise to your feet.

The end result of TruSox’ non-slip pads is supposed to be greater speed and agility, while making you feel more secure in your footwear.

TruSox Socks Review 2015

What Did We Find?

Our wearer tested a piano of TruSox’ Mid-Calf Crew Socks courtesy of the team at Lovell Soccer. They were worn with adidas Ace 15 Soccer boots in on a natural grass surface that was still a bit wet from off and on autumn rain.

The socks fit true to size and quite comfortably from the first time our tester slipped them on. The feel on the skin was soft and superior to most everyday athletic socks. Given that the pads of the socks must remain in contact with the wearer’s shoes to be effective, they were worn without shin guards. The instructions on the TruSox packaging says to cut off lower portions of your game socks to wear them with TruSox. That’s what the Premier League stars do but our tester opted not to for pickup games.

TruSox Socks Review 2015

The first thing that struck our tester about TruSox is that it feels quite cushioned on the sole of the feet. Needless to say an extra layer of comfort is nice particularly when wearing cleats on worn down fields. Once in the football boot you don’t even think about the socks given their relative thinness.

As for the TruSox promise of reducing slipping, our tester said that they live up to the claim and produce a good feeling of intimacy with his boot. This is clearly welcome for just about anything that you do on the pitch from dribbling to properly weighing passes. As for increasing speed and agility, he was ambivalent and could not point out whether the socks improved either.


If you’re in a competitive league then TruSox may give you a bit of an advantage in maximizing the feel provided by higher end boots. They will also be beneficial if you’ve got well-worn boots that have stretched out over time. At a price point of $40 US per pair, they are certainly cheaper than a new pair of boots that will have to be broken in. You can buy a pair here.

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