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Up-Close: Darfur United 2016/17 AMS Jersey

2016/17 Kits

Up-Close: Darfur United 2016/17 AMS Jersey

Official outfitters of several emerging African football associations, Melbourne, Australia-based AMS Clothing has launched the Darfur United 2016/17 kit. Now available at AMS’online store, here is our World Exclusive up-close look at what is sure to be a football shirt collector’s item.

Darfur United 2016 2017 AMS Soccer Jersey, Football Kit, Shirt

Darfur United is a region in western Sudan that has been the scene of armed conflict since 2003. Darfur United is the region’s representative soccer team. It was founded in 2012 and is made up of Darfuri refugees living in camps in Chad. The team participated in the 2012 VIVA and 2014 ConIFA World Football Cups (world championships for associations not recognized by FIFA).

Darfur United 2016 2017 AMS Soccer Jersey, Football Kit, Shirt

The Darfur United 2016/17 AMS kit uses a trademark design from the Aussie firm featuring the now popular Y-neck collar and matching sleeve cuffs. AMS was one of the first sportswear companies to use the look that became prevalent in football kits over the past two years (the Y-neck Hull City home jersey was seen in action against Chelsea on Saturday).
The Darfur United shirt is verdant green with white detailing. It is highlighted by a beautiful sublimated print of African art throughout its entire front and back. Darfur United’s crest and AMS’ logo appear breast areas of the jersey.

The logo of humanitarian non-profit Humanity United is printed on the front of the jersey in the shirt sponsor area. The poignant message of “HUMANITY BEFORE POLITICS” is sublimated on the back of the kit in a stylized font. Both graphics send a message in their own right and are certainly conversation starters.

Darfur United’s 16/17 kit is lightweight and comfortable because of the polyester material that it is made of. Wear it for a match of soccer or in training and you’ll find that it does a great job of absorbing and disseminating moisture. It is on the looser fitter side so you may want to consider going a size down if you prefer more of a formfitting shirt. The sizing may be by design since traditional African shirts (dashikis) are oversized for comfort in the hot temperatures in much of the continent.

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