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Polish Football Association Launches New Logo

EURO 2024

Polish Football Association Launches New Logo

The Polish Football Association (or Polski ZwiÄ…zek PiÅ‚ki Nożnej) has launched a new logo that will now be used by the federation and all of Poland’s national soccer teams. The new logo will feature prominently next summer when Poland co-hosts EURO 2012 along with Ukraine.

According to the PZPN website (translated from Polish):

The new logo PZPN – basic component of the visual identification and presentation of the Union – has the spatial shape of the ball, scratched by a dynamic of white and red, glittering with gold sashes.

In the upper part of the trade scarves are arranged in the shape of the head of the eagle – the symbol of Polish identity and national pride. Total refers to the historical continuity and links to the best traditions of football presented in the previous logo. The dynamism of the logo, underlined by curling ribbon symbolizes the excitement, competition, openness and transparency. The three-dimensional potential trade increases its attractiveness and entertainment possibilities, characteristic for gaining in importance of electronic media.


The previous logo was created in the early 70’s. At the meeting of the Board PZPN prof. Talaga George was holding a badge organizational French federation, representing a cock, holding the ball. Inspired by the badge made a sketch, replacing French elements, symbols of Poland. The result is an outline of the previous logo of the Association.

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