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FIFA 10 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: Another Side by Side Review. Final Score 2-1.

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FIFA 10 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: Another Side by Side Review. Final Score 2-1.

[digg=]In September, we brought you a review of FIFA 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 from RTE Entertainment that compared both games. Earlier this week, Michael Plant of The Independent published his  review comparing  both games.

Based on Mr. Plant’s review of the game, it appears that both titles are good games. However, by a final score of 2-1, FIFA 10 edges PES 2010 to take the title of best footballing game of the year. Interestingly, Plant believes that PES 2010 is better graphically than FIFA. However, FIFA 10 trumps PES 2010 on features and slightly better gameplay. Here’s an excerpt from the Gameplay section of the review.

Again both games are extremely close in terms of how they play, what skills your players are capable of pulling off and the decisions that players not under your control make. FIFA 10 takes a more studied approach and play seems a little slower than that of PES 2010. The referees in FIFA also display more leniency, refraining from sending off players for misdemeanours, where their peers on PES may have reached for a red card.None of this is to say PES 2010 is anything less than a great game of football; the swashbuckling, fast paced approach to play is instantly gratifying. PES also feels the more true to life in terms of scale, whereas FIFA 10’s pitch sometimes feeling a little on the miniature side with players seemingly able to run from one goal to the other in just a few strides.Crucially though, it’s FIFA 10’s player intelligence which feels the more involving. Attackers will make incisive runs at the correct time and even call for the ball and defenders will hold their position and not get dragged about too badly by opposition attackers. PES 2010 just can’t equal this structure as players sometimes stray out of position or seem incapable of making an intelligent run to receive the ball. With that being said it’s 2-1 to FIFA 10 though only after a ferociously fought contest; we’re already looking forward to next season’s rematch.

Here’s a link to The Independent’s full review of FIFA 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. FIFA 10 is out now around the world. PES 2010 drop in Europe later this week and in North America on November 3rd.

High quality videos of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and FIFA 10 trailers can be found at this Football Fashion link.

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