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Pro Evolution 2010 vs FIFA 10: A First Review

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Pro Evolution 2010 vs FIFA 10: A First Review

Gaming blogger Brendan Cole from RTE Entertainment Ireland has posted a great gaming review comparing  Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and FIFA 10.

Based on Mr. Cole’s first look at both game’s, it looks like the FIFA franchise may reign supreme again this year for even us Old School PES fans. Here’s a particularly disheartening part of the review for those hoping for a Pro Evolution Soccer revival this year.

The lack of space – both teams compress themselves into their half of the pitch in defence – and the overlarge player sprites add up to a defensive snooze. Seasoned Pro Evolution players will be disappointed to learn that the predictability issue the game has not been dealt with. It is far too easy to know what will happen next.

I played against a German chap who had also clearly spent many years nurturing his ISS/Pro Evo skills and the net result was that neither of us could score over three five minute halves (I had to go, but I reckon I woulda had the beating of him if I’d stayed on).

Pretty much straight after trying Pro Evolution, I went onto FIFA and it was impossible to not feel instantly that it is the superior game.

At least PES 2010 has the UEFA Champions League and Europa Leagues…right?

Here’s a link to Brendan’s full review. Both games hit the streets around the world in October. Watch this space for more on them.

High quality videos of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and FIFA 10 trailers can be found at this Football Fashion link.

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