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adidas FUSSBALLLIEBE – Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 202


adidas FUSSBALLLIEBE – Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 202

adidas has unveiled the new FUSSBALLLIEBE Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 2024TM. FUSSBALLLIEBE, meaning ‘love of football’ will bring Connected Ball Technology to the UEFA European Football ChampionshipTM for the first time.

adidas FUSSBALLLIEBE  - Official Match Ball for UEFA EURO 202

FUSSBALLLIEBE is specially engineered for greater accuracy in play. Its PRECISIONSHELL 20-piece panel shape and strategically placed deboss grooves on the ball’s outer shell were meticulously researched and tested both in the lab and on pitch to control the airflow over the ball for maximum precision. The outer shell is supported by the groundbreaking CTR-CORE within the ball, that is designed for accuracy and consistency, supporting fast, precise play with maximum shape and air retention.

The design of FUSSBALLLIEBE represents the movement of the ball and the energy of the game through prominent black wing shapes accentuated with colorful edges, curves and dots. The use of bold red, blue, green and orange celebrates both the vibrance that the competing nations bring to the tournament and the pure simplicity of football that attracts so much love from fans around the world. Illustrations of each of the tournament’s stadiums appear on the ball alongside the name of each host city.

For the first time at the UEFA European Football ChampionshipTM, the Official Match Ball will feature adidas Connected Ball Technology – which sends precise ball data to video match officials in real time. Combining player position data with AI, the innovation contributes to UEFA’s semi-automated offside technology and will be key to supporting faster in match decisions. Developed in close collaboration with Kinexon, adidas Connected Ball Technology can also help VAR officials to identify every individual touch of the ball, reducing time spent resolving handball and penalty incidents.


  • ADIDAS CONNECTED BALL TECHNOLOGY– A Suspension System in the center of the ball hosts and stabilizes a 500Hz inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion sensor, providing unprecedented insight into every element of the movement of the ball. The sensor is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be charged by induction
  • CTR-CORE – a groundbreaking core within the ball that is tuned for accuracy and consistency, supporting fast, precise play with maximum shape and air retention. The core consists of two components a zero-waste bladder containing renewable, natural rubber and the carcass made from a double patched PES fabric giving the bladder its strength and shape
  • PRECISIONSHELL– The ball’s polyurethane (PU) skin features micro and macro textures and a 20-piece panel shape, enhancing aerodynamics
  • SUSTAINABLE BIO-BASED MATERIALS – As well as using recycled polyester and water-based ink, FUSSBALLLIEBE is made from more bio-based substances than any previous adidas Official Match Ball. Each layer of the ball has been adjusted to include materials such as corn fibres, sugar cane, wood pulp and rubber, without impacting its performance.

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