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3 Kits That Will Go Down in History


3 Kits That Will Go Down in History

We’ve looked back through the history books at three of the most famous football kits of all time. Each of these has its own story and will forever be remembered in the history of the beautiful game.

Manchester United Half-Time Switch 1996

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was the master of taking the heat off his players. If he felt he could gain an edge in any way, he would do so.

In 1996, when his side were trailing 3-0 against Southampton at St Mary’s, he took the incredible decision to blame the grey kits his players were wearing. When United walked out for the second half, they did so in a blue kit. Ferguson’s side did get on the scoresheet after the half-time break, but they still lost the game 3-1.

It will be interesting to see if new United boss Erik ten Hag pulls off such a trick this season. His side are as big as 25/1 to win the league for those looking to place a football bet on the 20-time champions of England.

Although the grey kit is remembered for all the wrong reasons, many United fans still like to wear it due to its unique place in the history of the Premier League. 

Brazil 1970

The Brazil team which won the World Cup in 1970 is thought to be one of the greatest football teams to have ever played the game. The iconic gold and blue kit which the likes of Pelé, Tostao and Carlos Alberto wore that year is what comes to mind when anybody thinks of Brazil.

One of the distinctive features of the 1970 Brazil kit was the green neck. It was a classy kit which was fitting for a great team. They prevailed in the World Cup final by beating Italy 4-1 in Mexico.

Brazil have on a number of different occasions released kits which play homage to their 1970 edition. It often tops polls when it comes to the greatest international kit in history.

Barcelona 2005/06

Up until the 2005/06 season, Barcelona had never had a shirt sponsor. They broke their club stance to make an exception, as they agreed on a deal with Unicef to have the charity’s name across the front of their shirts.

This was a generous move from the Spanish giants as they did not benefit commercially from the deal, but it was very helpful to the charity. Barca received plaudits from across the football world for the move which proved why they were mas que un club (more than a club).

Barca’s famous red and blue stripes featured Unicef in 2006 and it is a kit which remains popular with fans of retro T-shirts. The club went on to have a lot of success during that period between 2006 and 2011, with Champions League wins coming in 2009 and 2011.

If you are lucky enough to own one of the above, it is fair to say you have one of the most historical kits in history.

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