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Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

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Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

Known as “The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company”, Toffs have been creating faithful remakes of beloved and classic soccer jerseys since 1990. Their timeless kits are a wonderful alterative for footie fans in an age of often gimmicky, highly priced, and overly sponsored football kits. This is our World Exclusive up-close look at two of our favorite shirts of the ongoing 2020/21 kit launch season. Instead of offerings from Nike, adidas or similar they are the Toffs iconic Tottenham Hotspur 1962 – 1967 away and New Zealand All Blacks 1980 home shirts.

Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

Toffs shirts are handmade in Great Britain of 100% cotton. There is no petroleum-based polyester in them, so they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. From what we can tell the quality of the fabric and stitching used on their shirts are excellent. As a result, Toffs kits should last for many years like football and rugby jerseys of the past did.

Toffs jerseys’ fits are true to size even after the shrinking that occurs with cotton garments after the first wash. Toffs have a note accompanying their kits letting wearers know of the 7% size shrinkage that occurs.
Once you put the shirts on you won’t want to take them off. They are extremely comfortable on the skin and exude the enduring styles of the sportswear of the past. Soccer and rugby fans will spot them and give either give the kit nod of acknowledgement or strike up a conversation about the sport(s).

Toffs Tottenham Hotspur 1962 – 1967 Away Kit

Once upon a time before the 2000s, club and national soccer teams wore the same kit design for up to a decade at a time. This included North London giants Tottenham Hotspur who rocked a navy blue cotton crewneck shirt from 1962 to 1967. Toffs has created a version of the kit that looks like it is straight out of a Spurs time capsule.

Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

The jersey is magnificent in its 1960s simplicity with its high, ribbed rounded neckline and matching sleeve cuffs. Its one embellishment is the Tottenham Hotspur badge that the team used from 1951 to 1967. The crest is handstitched on using a felt badge that would actually be considered oversized by today’s standards. Nevertheless, it greatly adds to the aesthetics of the shirt and makes it unquestionably Spurs.

Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

Toffs New Zealand All Blacks 1980 Home Jersey

The three-time Rugby World Cup champions New Zealand All Blacks are the world’s most recognized and highly rated international rugby team. Their unmistakable black jersey with minimal black details is part of their aura and always the best-selling rugby shirt in the world.

Up-Close: Toffs 1960s Spurs & 1980 All Blacks Retro Kits

The Toffs New Zealand All Blacks 1980 home shirt is a brilliant recreation of one of the last kits worn by New Zealand during the pre-Rugby World Cup era. It is indeed what one would imagine if asked to conjure up an image of the quintessential classic rugby shirt.

The jersey is a long-sleeved heavy cotton affair with ribbed cuffs. It has the timeless rugby shirt polo collar above a placket with three buttons. The bottom two buttons fit into holes that fully cover them as in the 1980s to prevent them from being ripped off the shirt during play. The famed New Zealand rugby fern is embroidered on the upper left breast to complete the All Blacks look. Of course, the fern is the 1980 version of the emblem. Since then it has changed in appearance along with the now slim fit, uncollared New Zealand rugby kit.

The entire collection of Toffs retro soccer and rugby kits is now available at

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