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NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

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NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

Sports gear experts FOCO have released the world’s first ever soccer jerseys for NFL teams as part of their Spring / Summer 2020 line. They’ve also dropped a set of stunning performance tops for a host of NFL clubs. Read on for our World Exclusive look at both.

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

NFL Soccer Style Jerseys

The FOCO x NFL Soccer Style jersey design has all of the traditional elements of shirts worn in The Beautiful Game. This includes bespoke elements tied to the proud histories, communities and cultures of the clubs for which they are created.

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

The shirts use a classic soccer jersey v-neck template in a modern true to size fit. They are made of lightweight polyester fabric that is quite breathable and make the kits suitable for training, match play or casual use.

The FOCO x NFL Soccer Style jerseys are available for several the NFL’s best supported clubs including Super Bowl LIV champions Kansas City Chiefs, longtime dynasty New England Patriots and the always flashy Miami Dolphins. Our up-close look features the Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders.

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

Both use the team’s secondary colors (gold for the Steelers and silver for the raiders). Pittsburgh’s famous steelmarks run throughout their soccer style jersey while a silhouette of the Raiders’ shield is repeated on their rendition of the shirt.

Embroidered NFL team logos form the right breast patches continue the soccer vibe of the shirts. Classy vertical stripes with the Steelers and Raiders colors, logos and last tow digits of their years of establishment occupy the left upper chest. Their positioning is well done as move to the left and you’ll find more team symbols on the sleeves. In the case of the Steelers and most of the other teams in the range there is an outline of their home state with a two-colored version of the team’s logo within it.

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

The Raiders are an exception as they have been nomadic in recent years with moves between Northern and Southern California and now to Nevada. Their left sleeve has a sublimated image of the iconic Raiders crest.
A final soccer-styled touch of the FOCO x NFL Soccer Style jerseys are two stripes on each sleeve reminiscent of those found on countless kits since the 1960s.

NFL Performance Pride T-Shirts

The FOCO x NFL Performance Pride T-Shirts let you rock you support for your favorite professional football team while working out at the gym or outdoors. They are made of an ultra-lightweight nylon / polyester blend that shows off all of your hard training via a modern slim fit. The shirts have a modern rounded neck design with carefully placed shoulder double stitching for durability and a clever aesthetic.

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

The highlight of the 2020 NFL Performance Pride T-Shirts is a subtle, two-toned team logo on the front. The logos are made up of a lightweight mesh dot pattern that added to the cooling effect of the tees. The same mesh runs along both flanks of the shirts to make them ideal for warmer conditions.

What’s unique about the construction from FOCO is that there is no separation between the meshed areas and the rest of the t-shirts. Needless to say, this makes them extremely comfortable!

NFL 2020 Soccer Jerseys and Performance Pride Tees

We tried out the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Performance Pride tees. They’re available in short and long-sleeved versions for several side including the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagle, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears.

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