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Review: PUMA Mobium Elite v2 Trainer

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Review: PUMA Mobium Elite v2 Trainer

With no less than eight of their sponsored teams participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, PUMA will be in the spotlight this summer. As players on national teams such as Italy, Uruguay and Switzerland maintain match fitness ahead and during the tournament, they will be wearing PUMA training gear including the new Mobium Elite v2 running shoe (available now at Kitbag).

Review: PUMA Mobium Elite v2 Running Shoes

Over the past few weeks we’ve had two of our Football Fashion staff members logging their off the pitch training miles in the second iteration of the revolutionary Mobium. Here is what they thought of it along with a world exclusive in-depth look at the shoe.


Before we get into our Mobium Elite v2 experience, here is a look at the high-level technical overview of the shoe from PUMA.

Mobium Elite v2 is a game-changing running shoe in a category all its own: Adaptive Running. It adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. It is comprised of three advanced technologies, all proprietary to PUMA: the Mobium Band, Expansion Pods, and the Windlass Chassis, which together operate as a system to move the foot through an entire gait cycle and may increase efficiency during a run. This new version features a new upper fit; it features a lockdown technology that secures the midfoot and heel without inhibiting the foot’s natural movement.


The Mobium Elite v2 has had somewhat of an aesthetic makeover since the first version of the shoe was released in 2013. Some of the changes are based on performance updates while others are strictly for visual appeal.

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While the core design of the shoe remains the same with a sleek look with the PUMA Formstripe on the outside of its upper and the ever-popular PowerCat towards the inside front, the Mobium v2 now has an  upper featuring an updated webbed cage in select spots and an allover mesh. Rounded laces have been replaced by flattened laces (a growing trend for running shoes nowadays). Women’s versions of the Mobium have feminine-styled graphics that PUMA’s designers think appeal more to female runners.

Colorways of the Mobium have been updated and range from two colored versions with white bases to three color models that include neon soles and gradient patterns.

We think that the aesthetic changes to the PUMA Mobium Elite v2 are all brilliant. While last year’s first iteration looked great, the 2014 upgrade looks even better. Though meant to be functional, the new mesh upper is stunning as are the eye-catching color schemes of the shoe. We found the Mobium v2 to have admirers anywhere we wore them – from the gym to the track to the park. This isn’t something easily done in this age of brightly colored footwear.


Fit is rarely an issue with any PUMA shoe from soccer boots to trainers. Unlike several other manufacturers that we’ve tested shoes for if PUMA says a shoe is a given size them you can count on it fitting as expected for the size. The Mobium Elite v2 is no exception to the rule. Simply put they fit true to size. This is quite essential for running shoes since our feet are in them for hundreds of miles before retiring them. Because of the excellent fit of the Mobium v2 no slippage or unwanted foot rubbing was experienced by our testers.

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On the Run


PUMA’s designers have not changed the midsole and outsole of the Mobium Elite v2. This is a welcome case of if it works then why change it. The shoe still has an never before seen moving cushioning feel as the foot moves from the heel to the toe on each step with a discernible feeling of each toe comfortably landing when the front of the shoe hits the ground.

The biggest ride improvement that we’ve found with the Mobium v2 is the fit on the heel area. We’ve found the fit to be glove like in this area of the foot. This makes for great support when running. This may be a result of the use of PUMA’s EvoFit upper lockdown technology meant to secure the midfoot and heel areas.


The upper of the Mobium Elite v2 is arguably the biggest change to the shoe. It is a more advanced version of the mesh fabric used for the original version of the shoe. We think that it offers superior air circulation to the feet and definitely has a very good cooling effect when on the run.

Also, since the upper fabric used for the PUMA Mobium Elite v2 is not a pure mesh, it does offer some water resistance in rainy conditions. Your feet won’t stay totally dry but they won’t be drenched as they might be with other upper materials in use today.


The PUMA Mobium Elite v2 is slightly lighter than its predecessor at 8.9 oz. This fact puts it in the lighter realm of today’s running shoes and definitely an option for speed training. However, given that the new Mobium’s high level of cushioning makes it a shoe that you can grind out many miles on, the lighter weight lets you pick up the pace even after longer distances.


With over forty miles now logged on both the male and female versions of the Mobium Elite v2 both a holding up exceptionally. Apart from the normal creasing that occurs in the upper from training wear and tear, they still look like new shoes. While they do not pick up dirt much they are also very easy to clean. A wet cloth usually does the job. We expect to be rocking the Mobium v2 for at least another 200 miles of roadwork.


The PUMA Mobium Elite v2 has a launch price of $110. This is the same as mid-range running shoes from Nike and Reebok but cheaper than those from Asics and Saucony. Given that the Mobium v2 offers and its now two-year old pedigree we consider this to be an outstanding deal. We definitely recommend giving this offering from PUMA a try if you’re in the market for new trainers.

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