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How Sponsors Can Shape Football Culture

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How Sponsors Can Shape Football Culture

Sports and sponsorship go hand in hand. When was the last time you watched a football game without adverts or logos? Probably never!

This clever marketing technique doesn’t just benefit the corporate company, though. It can also help the football team, fans and the general football culture. From all-important funding to a better fan experience, there is a range of knock-on benefits that comes from these partnerships.

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Are you interested in how sponsors shape football culture? We’ve highlighted the fundamental ways partnerships benefit football clubs and fans. Next time you see a pop-up advert mid-match, remember these factors! Read on to learn more.

Improved betting

Football and betting have always been linked. Bookies continually create odds for football matches, allowing punters to get in on the action from their homes. Many betting companies sponsor Premier League teams, ensuring the players can train well and provide great entertainment for punters worldwide.

Bookmakers have worked closely with football leagues over the years, striving to improve the betting process for fans while keeping the football clubs funded. This close relationship and sponsorship has led to some of the best betting apps and easy-to-use gambling software.

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When punters get involved with football bets, they’re helping the club and gambling industry create improved betting systems for football fans worldwide.

This cycle continues, in turn providing an exciting football culture experience for fans, players and bookies alike. Due to this, we’re receiving advanced and innovating betting apps – result!

Funding for clubs

Perhaps the most important aspect of football sponsorships, the sponsors provide funding for clubs all over the world. This investment allows teams to concentrate on training and improving their skills without the stress of raising money themselves.

Thanks to sponsors, we enjoy world-class skills from highly talented players. It’s hard to stay in top form when you can’t train every day! Not only that, but sponsor funding also allows clubs to improve the players’ kit and the quality of the stadium, and they can develop stylish merchandise for fans.

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Great football is fuelled by premium services and high-quality amenities. Sponsorship money keeps clubs and tournaments running, ensuring we can enjoy football at a high standard. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the best of the best?

More football events

Another element of football sponsorships that we benefit from is an increased number of events and championships. Holding large competitions isn’t cheap, but with the financial help of sponsors, football clubs can challenge each other in cup titles.

From the Euros to the World Cup, these events are only possible thanks to the support of generous sponsors.

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Charity matches

Alongside profitable events, sponsors are also behind charity matches. These matches raise money for good causes, and generous football sponsors fund them. The sponsors receive extra publicity, and the football generates cash for a good reason – a win-win result.

But it’s not just charity matches you can thank sponsors for. These generous donors also fund football clubs to donate to the local areas, including programs that help young kids to get active.

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Improves fan’s football experience

Sponsors shape football culture through financially supporting clubs; as we’ve already mentioned, this improves the club’s skills and training areas. However, portions of these funds also improve the fan’s football experience.

From better seating within the grounds to fantastic food and drinks stalls, sponsors are also focused on making football a positive experience. This keeps fans returning, and football remains a cultural event for all demographics.

Brand awareness

Football culture is first and foremost about the game, but the presence of sponsors can’t be ignored. Today, sponsors’ logos are a tell-tale sign of the clubs. Like AC Milan and Opel, Fiorentina and Nintendo, or Arsenal and O2, clubs are recognised by their sponsors.

The most famous football sponsorships

Do you remember any football sponsorships? Here are some of the most well-known football sponsors and the teams they’ve backed. These brands have shaped football culture over the years!

  • Nike

Nike is a famous sports brand, regardless of their association to football. This legendary status makes their sponsorships even more special. Over the years, this brand has sponsored big teams, including Barcelona, Manchester United and even the Brazilian national team. Nike’s support is so integral to football that they’re an official World Cup sponsor.

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  • Coca Cola

Another world-famous brand, Coca Cola is known for its refreshing soda drinks. But, they’re also one of the most crucial football sponsors. A sponsor and World Cup partner since 1978, this company has been backing the football industry for years. Coca-Cola is also a corporate FIFA partner, proving its dedication to sports.

  • Barclays

Barclays bank has been backing the league as a permanent UK Premier League sponsor since 2001. The British bank also supports South African football, the Football Writers Association, the Professional Footballers Association and the League Managers Association.

  • Samsung

If you’re a Chelsea fan, you’ll know this sponsor. Samsung has been a permanent Chelsea sponsor since 2005. The South Korean tech company has also backed the Africa Cup of Nations in 2010 and 2012, and multiple other competitions. Who knows, maybe we’ll see this sponsor at the next World Cup too?

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  • Pepsi

Finally, another internationally famous football sponsor is Pepsi. This soda brand has partnered with prominent players, including Didier Drogba, Kaka, Frank Lampard, Leo Messi and Thierry Henry, to show their support for the game. This brand is also the official drink of the US Soccer Federation and Major League soccer, proving their dedication to American football leagues.

Final thoughts

What do you think about football sponsorships? Brand sponsorship is integral to the football industry as we know it today. Without the backing and funds from these well-known brands, we wouldn’t have the high-quality football we enjoy today.

Next time an advert or logo pops up on our screen, we’ll be happy to see it!

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