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The Best Kits of the Champions League 2022

2022/23 Kits

The Best Kits of the Champions League 2022

Founded in 1955, and rebranded in 1992, millions of people watch the UEFA Champions League every year. Plus, whatever side you support and whichever management style you think is best, there’s another hot topic that splits fans. We’re talking about kits. Here, we reveal some of the best for the 2022 season. 

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Introducing UCL

It’s hard to imagine a time before the UEFA Champions League, but the league as we know it has only been around for 30 years. During this time, the top football clubs in Europe come together annually to battle it out for the title. Real Madrid may have been the most successful club, but Bayern Munich, Milan, Liverpool and Barcelona follow closely behind. 

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For fans, the UCL offers another chance for them to see their favourite players and managers in action. With the Champions League final just days away, fans around the world have begun to discuss who will come out on top: Liverpool or Real Madrid, as well as the odds on the Champions League. With Liverpool currently favourite to win, it won’t be long until we see the UK team attempt to beat the 13-time European Champions, Real Madrid. But it’s not just this that gets people talking. Nowadays, footballer fashion, kit releases and even jersey sponsors have all been added to the conversation.

The release of new shirts is still a hotly contended topic with millions of fans forking out to be in the latest kit every season. 

Manchester United 2021 2022 adidas Blue Third Football Kit, 2021-22 Shirt, 2021/22 Soccer Jersey, Maillot, Camiseta 21/22, Camisa 21-22, Trikot

The hottest kits of the moment 

  • Manchester United – Created by Adidas, Manchester United’s third kit is a serious nod to the past, taking inspiration from the away kit in 1994. This was when the team won their first Premier League and FA Cup double. Sponsored by TeamViewer, the kit is bright blue and has a V-shaped design with the traditional Adidas piping in contrasting yellow.
  • Chelsea – Another British team, but this time created by Nike, Chelsea’s third kit is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The main colour is teal and black, with orange logos and sponsors grabbing attention. Nike said they took inspiration from the London streetwear scene and, on the back, there’s a Pride of London logo.
  • Inter Milan – Again, a third kit and another piece created by Nike. It might have split opinions when it was first revealed, but you can’t deny that the black with a colourful alternative to the traditional design turns heads. It’s supposed to rival the 1991 away shirt which was made by UHL sport.
  • Bayern Munich – Another design from Adidas and, this time, with even more retro feels. The top itself is white with red and grey to represent the culture of Bavaria and the Allianz Arena. It might be relatively simple, compared to some of the others, but it’s a great design that’s been very popular with fans.
  • Ajax – Finally, we couldn’t not mention Ajax’s third kit, which is created by Adidas and inspired by Three Little Birds from Bob Marley. In fact, the top was actually made to commemorate the late singer and his family was involved in the process! 
AFC Ajax 2021 2022 adidas Bob Marley Third Football Kit, 2021/22 Shirt, 2021-22 Soccer Jersey, 21-22 derde tenue

Whatever your favourite kit this year, one thing’s for sure, there will be more eye-catching designs when the whistle blows and the new season kicks off.

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