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How are Football Kits Becoming Increasingly Associated with Fashion?


How are Football Kits Becoming Increasingly Associated with Fashion?

Football kits have always appealed to fans because they create a sense of unity and allow supporters to project their love for their team to the world around them. In the early days of these shirts, there wasn’t much to the design, and they were used simply to differentiate one side from the other. However, since kit manufacturers and sponsors have become more heavily involved, the race to make football shirts more like fashion items has heated up.

AFC Ajax 2021 2022 adidas Bob Marley Third Football Kit, 2021/22 Shirt, 2021-22 Soccer Jersey, 21-22 derde tenue

With some incredibly popular designs out there serving to attract new fans and boost teams’ brands, having a fashionable strip is more important than ever.

From Bland to Bold – Third Kits Allow Clubs to Experiment

In the Premier League, teams are currently required to have three kits to avoid any likelihood of clashing. This gives them a chance to experiment away from their more traditional colours on their secondary shirts. Burnley have been in the news lately because they are one of the favourites for the drop, at 4/11 in the Premier League relegation odds. Their chances of staying up haven’t been helped by the sacking of long-term manager Sean Dyche either, as the Englishman has had a knack for keeping them in the division on a shoestring budget for years.

Burnley 2021 2022 Umbro Third Football Kit, 2021-22 Soccer Jersey, 2021/22 Shirt

Earlier in the season, there was less talk of Burnley’s prospects at the bottom of the table and more focus on their snazzy third kit. It’s a shame for fans that their campaign has come to this, as the fashionable strip could have served to endear many neutral supporters this term.  

The Lancashire side’s home strip has always been viewed as bland, but the latest away shirt from Umbro was hugely popular. Indeed, the crew neckline with rib insert design and two-tone navy aesthetic is one of the best kits Burnley have had in years. This is a prime example of how clubs have a chance to experiment with interesting ideas on their third kits, knowing that if fans don’t like them, they can change them the next season.

What are the Most Fashionable Kits in the World Right Now?

There are some kits in world football that are alluring to people who don’t even follow the sport. One of the top ones is Ajax’s Bob Marley-inspired kit which is sleek and stylish, but may also appeal to fans of the legendary reggae musician. The Adidas-made shirt features the Rastafarian colours of green, yellow, and red. It also has three little birds on the back, as a tribute to one of Marley’s best-known songs.

Paris Saint-Germain is a club that’s always trying to boost its global appeal and reach fans in the far corners of the planet. The French outfit has used fashionable kit design as one of its key methods, and the recent Jordan line is particularly slick. The club announced its partnership with Jordan at the start of the 2021-22 season, and the white fourth kit was inspired by the uniforms of the Chicago Bulls.

Football clubs clearly need to see kit design as a way to attract more supporters and boost their brands. This has worked well for PSG, and it can help others become household names as well.

Paris Saint-German x Jordan Fourth 2021 2022 Football Kit, Soccer Jersey, Shirt, Maillot, Camiseta, Camisa

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