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How To Dress to Impress for A Football Match Date

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How To Dress to Impress for A Football Match Date

Going on a date can be nerve-wracking enough but if the game is new to you, too it can be even more daunting. Questions such as what to talk about and what to wear will be circling in your head more than it usually does on a date. To alleviate your fears, here is a guide on how to dress to impress on a football match date.

What Not to Wear

It’s easy to get carried away when you are going on a first date, especially if you have been keen on this person for a while. However, a football match date isn’t the same thing as going to a restaurant or a club. If you go for your favourite outfit complete with heels and full make-up, you are going to look a little overdressed and this could make you and your date feel awkward.

General Style

Most people at a football match will be dressed down rather than dressed up. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt will be sufficient. If you are worried that you won’t impress your date, then you could opt for your favourite date top with a pair of jeans. This will look smart, feel comfortable, and you will blend into the crowd rather than standing out awkwardly.

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Wearing a t-shirt with your date’s football team on it will work well if you are going to see them play. These can be expensive from the club shop as fans will pay a premium to wear their team’s new shirt. A great tip is to look online and see if you can buy a second-hand t-shirt instead. This probably won’t be the current season, but you will impress your date as it will look like you are already a fan of their team.

One important style tip is to dress for the weather. Football grounds are notoriously open spaces and if you are attending the match in the winter or when it is windy, you will regret it. Your date will not be impressed if you are shivering and turning blue so make sure you are wrapped up warm enough if the weather is cold.

Layering works well at the football ground, as wearing several items stops the wind and rain from penetrating through to your skin. It is also easy to take layers off if you are feeling hot and put them back on if you are cold. Much of the football season takes place in changeable weather, so it is important to use this tip.

The beginning of the football season is in August, and it ends in May so depending on what time of the year you go on your date, it may be surprisingly warm. If this is the case, you should remember to take sunscreen with you. Your date won’t be impressed if you are burnt to a crisp and you need to go to A&E straight after the match.


Flat, comfortable shoes are most suitable for a football match. You may not want to ditch your trademark stilettos, but your feet will thank you for it. You are likely to be standing up for a while on the date. You will have to get to the ground, which could involve public transport and a walk from the train station to the ground. You do get a seat when you get there, but everyone stands up for the exciting bits, which means that you will be on your feet again. Then there is the return trip home. Flats or trainers are necessary unless your date likes the blistered look.

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WAGs may wear a full face of make-up to a football match but that is because they know the cameras are going to be on them. Unless your date is a premier league player, leave your evening make-up at home and opt for a simpler style. Looking natural whilst wearing make-up may take some practice but it is a good look for the football ground. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are also a fantastic idea, as you will be subject to the elements as you watch the game.


Hair will be another style that is at the mercy of the weather. If you have long hair, then a simple up-do will look brilliant. That way it won’t get in your face, and you can always redo it at halftime if the weather is windy or rainy.


Your jewellery should match the rest of your outfit so keep it simple. A necklace, small earrings that aren’t likely to get caught up in your hair, and a ring will look fabulous without being overstated. This will work well with your jeans and casual look and make you feel great. A watch is a great item to wear if you are used to wearing one. However, you can see the time on the scoreboard, and this will also tell you how long it is until half and full time.


It is always difficult to know what to talk about on a date with someone you don’t know well. Researching a little about football before you go is a good conversation starter. To make your day more interesting, OnlineCasinos compare different casino sites that offer bonuses and cashback deals and you can place a bet on the outcome. You at least have a chance of winning if you visit a site recommended on the site, even if your date turns out to be a loser. You can talk about the OnlineCasinos website on your date, just make sure you place a bet on the team you are going to be rooting for. Your date might find it offensive if you place a bet on the opposition.

A football match date may take you out of your comfort zone, to begin with. However, once you have got used to the game and the great atmosphere you could realise that you are a huge fan of the sport. This could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between you and the game as well as you and your date.

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