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Ugliest kits around the world and who has the worst

2020/21 Kits

Ugliest kits around the world and who has the worst

What are the ugliest football kits ever made, and which are the ugliest football kits that you would never be seen wearing?

The new season brings a lot of excitement and anticipation, not least by the reveal of new football kits. Each year there are winners and losers before a ball is kicked, with some teams launching cool new kits and others missing the target altogether.

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Football kits have changed in lots of ways over the last few decades. The materials used to make them has become lighter and more breathable. The sponsors on the front of the shirts have changed from electrical businesses, breweries and local companies to airlines, crypto exchanges and betting companies, with bwin being one of the most noticeable brands at the moment.  

And for the most part, there have been fewer ugly designs. You really notice how kit designs have improved when you take a look back.

The Best ugly Kits

1. Liverpool (2013)

Liverpool’s away shirt during the 13-14 campaign adopted was half beautiful, half brutal. The top half used black, white and gold to make a cool design, but on the lower half of the shirt, it was split into two sections, one white and the other a strange purple and black addition. It’s like they almost made a great shirt but slipped at the final hurdle.

2. Newcastle United (1990)

Newcastle United is renowned for having an iconic black and white striped home shirt, and it has even attracted fans from a young age. Their 1995 kit has been labelled as one of the best ever, but they had to make mistakes to get there, including the 1990 “barcode” home shirt. Instead of equal black stripes, the designers chose black stripes of unequal size, which made the shirt look like a barcode.

The Ones You Would Never Wear

1. Hull City (1992)

The home shirt of the 1992 Hull City team showed how desperate they were for you to call them by their nickname, the tigers. The shirt opted for a tiger print that looked as though it was fashioned from the same material as one of Del Boy’s bedsheets.

2. Celtic (1991)

The early 90s was not a good time for football kit designers, with Celtic producing an atrocity of a football shirt using a mash-up of greens and a white zig-zag stripe across the front. It also made the team play ugly as Celtic finished third in what is usually a two-horse race between themselves and Celtic. And they were easily kicked out of the UEFA Cup by a low-ranked Swiss side.

3. Atletico Madrid (2003)

Atletico Madrid is one of the powerhouses in European football today, but they have had their own wardrobe malfunctions they won’t be proud of. Their 03-04 kit tried to ride the Spiderman hype by using a spider and large web across the front. It looked cheap, amateurish and wasn’t well received. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the web didn’t cover so much of the front of the shirt.

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