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Can New Companies Learn From the Big Guns When it Comes to Shirt Sponsorship?

English Premier League

Can New Companies Learn From the Big Guns When it Comes to Shirt Sponsorship?

Sponsorship deals in sport are big business, especially in the world’s top leagues. For the best-known names in the Premier League, businesses pay astronomical amounts to get their names on the attire. Etihad’s deal with Manchester City is worth $65.5 million per season, for example. It provides incredible exposure because the English top flight has a potential audience of 4.7 billion people.

Younger businesses that are trying to get recognition could benefit greatly from sponsoring a sports team in the early days. Obviously, entering the Premier League would be impossible for a business just starting out, but striking deals with clubs in less affluent leagues across the world could be advantageous.

New Companies in Saturated Markets Find it Hard to Get Noticed

It seems harder than ever for businesses in every industry to get recognised, because there are just so many options out there for people to choose from. The gambling industry is one of the most competitive, with thousands of companies around the world battling for a slice of a pie that totals more than $70 billion.

In the current climate, new online casinos must rely on industry experts to get their names in front of players. A great example of this is Rapid Casino. According to Josh Long, the site is so new that players don’t even know about it. In the full review by expert Mr Long here, he states how there is a highly generous $1000 welcome bonus for new players. The question is, though, would sites like this be better off funnelling this money into sponsorship deals to reach more people?

Plenty of Gambling Companies Sponsor Teams

The gambling industry is one of the most prominent sponsors of shirts in sport, with a vast number of top teams wearing the names of online casinos and betting sites on their shirts. In the Premier League alone, nine of the twenty teams are sponsored by gambling companies. Going further down the leagues, this trend continues, highlighting how this is one of the best ways for brands in this industry to get their names out there.

In terms of which gambling company has been presented in the most stylish and attractive way, it all comes down to a matter of opinion. Few would disagree that Leeds United’s Adidas-made kit is one of the best the club has had in years, though, and the gambling sponsor across the front doesn’t look out of place. Watford’s shirt is, perhaps, the most striking of the options out there, but it still manages to present the sponsor in a clear and eye-catching way.

Looking to the best in the business is always wise for younger companies in any industry, and it seems that there is a strong argument for sponsoring sports teams when it comes to getting exposure. New companies that are struggling to get noticed could look to up-and-coming leagues to try to pen shirt deals. There may be more affordable opportunities for companies that strike deals in the lower echelons of the game to start with.

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