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Man City Star Sterling and 1692

English Premier League

Man City Star Sterling and 1692

Fancy nailing your colours to a team mast and backing those that have earned the honour of representing an institution that means so much to you and countless others around the world? Get yourself to the club shop, online or in person, and pledge your allegiance.

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Looking for something a little more formal than a replica shirt or branded hoodie? Well, Raheem Sterling has got your back.

In his day job, the Manchester City forward has the reigning champions of England chasing down another domestic crown, with Premier League odds from Paddy Power rating the Blues as 10/11 to finish on top once more.

Away from the field, though, Sterling is expanding his business empire and embracing a creative side that requires no fancy stepovers or blistering turn of pace. The 26-year-old is dipping his toe into a fashion pool.

For Sterling and Co, goals, assists, points and trophies will remain the bread and butter, with English Premier League betting tips formed around an ability to perform consistently when crossing the white line. But it should come as no real surprise given that modern day footballers – especially those at the highest level – boast profiles that transcend their chosen profession and allow professional horizons to be expanded.

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Why not swap the pitch for a catwalk, though, if opportunities present themselves? Sports stars have, for generations, boasted the kind of celebrity that appeals to a market far beyond their obvious pigeonhole.

Sterling slips seamlessly into that category as an England international prepared to speak his mind and back down to nobody. For him, challenges on and off the field are to be embraced.

What is Sterling’s latest venture?

A project that had been in the pipeline for some time was revealed to the world at London Fashion Week. With charity very much at the heart of his latest venture, Sterling has unveiled his ‘1692’ brand.

The number refers to the birth date of Jamaica’s modern capital, Kingston, the city Sterling was born in. He has come a long way from humble beginnings, but hard work has got him there and allowed doors to open that few could have predicted.

Fashion, though, has always been a part of Sterling’s makeup and he is relishing the chance to follow in some illustrious footsteps.

He has told the Evening Standard: “If you enjoy doing something else, why not enjoy it and express yourself in that field as well. As footballers, you’re told you’re not allowed to do this. But when Beckham did something it made a statement and people paid attention.”

For now, the 1692 collection is focused on clothing – an alternative way to get involved in football fashion. Footwear is coming, though, with Sterling already drawing up expansion plans. Designs for trainers are being put down on paper, with the City star adding: “This is not something that’s going to happen today and tomorrow then it’s all packed away. This is something I see for the long run.”

Who knows, maybe boots could follow further down the line. With Andy Murray and Castore already branching into the production of sporting apparel, don’t rule out Sterling and 1692 producing football kits of the future.

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