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The Top 5 Football Fashion Failures

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The Top 5 Football Fashion Failures


It might be the time of year when clubs are releasing their new strips and it is always done with the best of intentions, but the world of football can’t claim to be role models for the fashion industry. In fact, sometimes they are far from it.

Here we look at five of the worst football fashion failures of all time.

Number 5. Liverpool, 1996

We’re kicking off our top five with a twist in that we’re not having a giggle at a kit. Instead, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to the 1996 FA Cup final where Man United and Liverpool locked horns. United ran out as winners with a single goal from Cantona, but it wasn’t the score that proved the talking point. Oh no, the Spice Boys were born.

The Liverpool squad had been treated to a flashy set of matching suits for the big game from Armani. It’s just a shame they were white. That generation never did live up after that football fashion failure. Even after ending a 30 year wait for a title, we think the odds of a relaunch are unlikely.

Number 4. Cultural Leonesa, 2014

After a chuckle at Liverpool’s expense, let’s keep on the chatter of suits. A man in a suit usually does scrub up pretty well. At least that’s what we’re often told. It seems Cultural Leonesa of Spain’s Segunda B got the same message prior to their 2014 launch.

When the reveal was done, there was the squad standing proudly (somehow) in a black and white strip that resembled a tuxedo and bow tie. Cringy indeed. The side did okay though to be fair with a seventh-place finish earning them entry to the Copa Del Rey.

Number 3. Atletico Madrid, 2003

Atletico Madrid simply had to make this list after the failings they demonstrated in the 2003/04 season. They’d just penned a sponsorship deal with Hollywood production giant Columbia Pictures and, as a result, they donned a different kit most weeks with the sponsors advertising a new release each time.

Hellboy, White Chicks and The Punisher all took centre stage at one point but it was their spiderman strip that truly hit the gag reflex; a spider positioned in the middle of the shirt with a web spanning across pretty much the entire torso was the worst of them all.

Number 2. Manchester United, 1996

The Premier League has had some memorable moments over the years and the 1995/96 season had more than just a few. The standout memory is perhaps an incensed Kevin Keegan interview where he ranted that he would ‘love it’ if his Newcastle team beat the Red Devils to the title. That didn’t happen but at least the former England gaffer can take satisfaction at United’s fashion faux pas.

They were away to Southampton and trailing 3-0 at the interval. Out of the tunnel though came a brand-new kit for the second period; the casualty being their now infamous grey ‘Sharp Viewcam’ strip.

Number 1. Cameroon, 2004

How bad has a football fashion failure got to be before you get fined a six-figure sum and docked points? Well, apparently, pretty bad. The African side weren’t strangers to breaking kit rules after wearing a controversial sleeveless top in 2002, which would be more suitable if they were athletes among the best NBA expert picks. Still, it’s their ‘all in one’ kit that we’re appalled at.

They wore is during the 2004 African Cup of Nations, but FIFA were not impressed. A $150k fine and six points, which were deducted from their next World Cup qualifying campaign was their punishment for breaking kit rules.

We’re still in doubt as to whether it was harsh enough given the fact, they all entered the pitch dressed in onesies, like footballing babies.

There you have it, five football fashion failures and a reminder that besides winning games, it’s also important to weigh your kit choices. You don’t want your club or national team making the headlines for the wrong reasons!

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