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EURO 2012 Fun Facebook Facts & Figures

EURO 2020

EURO 2012 Fun Facebook Facts & Figures

PR firm Sunshine Sachs has worked with Facebook and below to gather some interesting information related to the teams that made the EURO 2012 semi-finals. They looked at the demographic breakdown of the fans for each teams page and then looked at some correlation data based on what else these fans like in terms of entertainment.  Some fun take-aways include Cristiano Ronaldo, David Guetta and Harry Potter are very popular among football fans and Portugal has the oldest fan base whereas Italy has the youngest.  See more key findings below…

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  • AGE:  Portugal’s fans are the oldest; the average fan is over the age of 30. Italy has the youngest fan base with over half under the age of 20 and the average age is 23.  Germany has the second youngest fans base with the average age being 24.
  • GENDER:  Portugal actually has more female fans than men. In fact, out of all of the teams that made it to the semi-finals, Portugal is the only team with more female fans. 51% of the team’s fans are women. Germany’s fans are the most predominantly male compared to the others.  Over 68% of Germany’s fan base is made up of men.
  • FAN DISTRIBUTION BY COUNTRY: In looking at the teams, the majority of the fans are from the home country, with Portugal having the highest # of native fans  (from Portugal) — over 75%.  Italy is the only team where less than half (29%) of their fans are from their home country.  The US comes in 2nd followed by France, Venezuela and then Indonesia.


  • SPORTS:  Cristiano Ronaldo is the #1 most liked athlete among fans for Germany, Italy and Portugal and is the #5 most liked athlete among Spanish fans.  Iker Casillas is the most popular player among people who like Spain. Leo Messi is also very popular among fans who like all four teams – he ranked in the top five for each.  British superstars Wayne Rooney and David Beckham and American legend Michael Jordan are also favorite athletes among people who like all four teams.
  • MUSIC: David Guetta is the artist of choice for these football fans. People who like Germany, Portugal and Spain all ranked him #1.  People who like Italy like Shakira the most (she showed up on all four lists). Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Linkin Park and Eminem are also on all four lists.
  • FILM:  Harry Potter is a very popular movie for these football fans. It’s the favorite film for people who like Germany, Italy and Spain and #3 for those who like Portugal. Shrek is the favorite movie for people who like Portugal (and showed up on all four lists). Avatar is the #2 movie on all four lists. Other movies that appeared on all four lists include The Twilight Saga, Toy Story and Titanic

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