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Video: Soccer Babes say, “Ukraine is not a brothel” for Euro 2012


Video: Soccer Babes say, “Ukraine is not a brothel” for Euro 2012

[digg=]Poland and Ukraine are gearing up to host Euro 2012. However, Ukrainian womens’ rights group FEMEN are concerned about the impact that the tournament will have on the Ukraine’s already burgeoning sex tourism industry when hordes of male football fans from wealthy Western European countries enter the Ukraine to support their teams.

To make their point, a group of scantily clad FEMEN activists braved the infamous winter cold of Kiev for a football match against prostitutes on Monday afternoon.  Their protest coincided with the launch of the Euro 2012 logo.

”We are trying to resolve two major issues of sex-tourism and prostitution in our country. This industry is rapidly gathering strength and politicians are doing nothing about it, ” said  FEMEN movement leader Anna Gutsol.

“All visas for foreign tourists were abolished in 2005 by the new power, and it resulted in a huge invasion of sex-tourists in our country,” add Gutsol. “And this industry has been on the rise ever since.”

“Now I can’t walk freely down Kiev’s main street Kreshchatik,” adds FEMEN movement activist Aleksandra Shevchenko. “These sex-tourists literally try to grab me every time and I sometimes have to use force against them.”

FEMEN claims to have over 15,000 followers in the Ukraine and abroad. It was founded two years ago and soon thereafter launched a campaign against escalating sex-tourism and prostitution called “Ukraine is not a brothel”.

We’ve got your backs ladies!

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